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Why Are Women Buying Sex Dolls

Are you struggling to find an adequate partner for sexual activities? Well, you’re not the only one. It seems that we have less and less time for socializing, which leaves us quite lonely, and unsatisfied in many ways. Forget about loneliness and get yourself a sex doll that will shorten your lonely days and nights and shape it according to your hidden fantasies.

You may think that these are only bought by men, but you’re wrong. More and more women are starting to feel comfortable with their needs and turn to buying anything that can help them express their sexual desire. That’s the primary reason why they buy these dolls.

But there are other reasons as well. Finding a partner these days is difficult. Having so little time to actually socialize makes the occasion of actually meeting someone new very rare. People meet each other mostly online and can be miles apart. Therefore, the chance of actual physical contact is also decreased.

Then there are times when a woman simply wants to explore her sexuality, but cannot find a person to share her fantasies with. In any case, dolls made for bringing pleasure are an ideal way to make sure your sexual energy doesn’t get blocked.

Finally, these have never been this available. Before, going to a sex shop was kind of taboo. Walking into one and asking for something so intimate was a choice only very open and bold women would choose.


The internet, on the other hand, brought so much privacy. By buying online, no one will judge you, or point a finger on the street at you, if you like to browse for and buy sex toys. Since these dolls come in a box, even a postman won’t know what’s inside.

Single women opt for this option because compared to a one-night stand, it’s way safer. The risk of catching an infection is almost gone, that is if you take care of the hygiene of your toys. It’s risk-free sex, that won’t give you any headaches after.

So, there are plenty of different reasons why women like to buy sex dolls.

Let’s take a closer look at what you can expect from these…


Since there are quite a lot of them being offered all over the internet, you wanna make sure you buy right. The choice is varied and the models differ a lot, so before you buy, look carefully at the offer and choose the doll that best suits your needs.

According to SexyRealSexDolls you can choose between dolls with full body and face or only with the intimate part. The most popular among women are the dolls with a lot of muscles, looking like Hollywood superstars.

The materials they’re made of also differ…

Cheaper inflatable dolls are made of vinyl and intended to be used only a few times. They have a special misaligned position, you can choose to enjoy them according to your mood. Latex dolls with foam or water marrow are also available. Get yourself a hand pump for dolls and other erotic inflatable accessories so you don’t run out of pleasure unnecessarily.

Silicone doll models are the most realistic because the material resembles real skin, the dolls also have real hair and you can put their arms and legs in different positions. They can withstand up to 200 kg of weight because they have a specially shaped inner skeleton.

Some have vibrating sexual areas to make the sexual experience as similar as possible to the real thing. Certain models even have a heated interior. You can determine the appearance of the latest silicone dolls, their nipples are hard and have usually three points for pleasure:  a seductive mouth, a penis of the size of your choice, and other commodities. The height of the doll is about 165 cm, its dimensions are ideal, and you can choose the size of your penis.

How to choose the perfect one…


The price depends on the size and the possibilities that the toy provides. The cheapest inflatable ones are made of PVC as we already mentioned, must be blown out after use, and will not provide a realistic feeling of touch.

High-quality and noticeably more expensive ones are made of silicone or other materials that simulate human skin and provide a much more realistic feeling. Choosing the right model for you will often depend on your desires and preferences and financial capabilities.

Certain models are made according to your favorite porn star, so you can create an atmosphere as if you are really with him.

How to use these…

Using a love doll for sex will surely be different from having sex with a real partner. You must use a lot of lubricant because of course the dolls do not have any lubrication. You can also consider using a condom with your doll to facilitate subsequent cleaning.

When it comes to hygiene, it is very important to clean your doll well before and after each use, you can wash it with soap and lukewarm water (depending on the material).

With inflatable dolls, of course, be careful not to pierce them or lean on any sharp object that could damage them.

One thing that makes love dolls very appealing to many, is the fact that they can be customized according to your need. If there’s a particular pose you like, a particular type of a man, shape of physique, these are all available upon order.

Moreover, if there’s a celebrity you dream about, such dolls can be created to make your dreams come true. Dolls are sometimes introduced as sexual surrogates when one partner is unable to enjoy sex, often for health reasons, but the couple does not want lovers out of the relationship.

Final word

Being open about your sexuality is very important in terms of health, as well. Love dolls can give you a lot of sexual pleasure and fulfill your wildest fantasies.  Definitely try them.