Why Michael Jackson used to Wear Mask? find out the Reason

Reportedly, this video shows the real reason why superstar used to wear ‘Surgical Mask’. From his multiple plastic surgeries (we know it was vitiligo) to keeping away private life from paparazzi, and using precautions from pandemic like HIV, media acclaimed many reasons adopting face mask by MJ. But the real reason could be different – have a look at the video.

source the detail.

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  1. I love this channel the detail .. i like it because it gives a fair real true account about Michael’s life and his privacy. It does this without any nastiness towards Michael and doesn’t make up any b.s. to lie about Michael. This is what fans want to listen and watch about Michael not all the lies and propaganda about him, I am trying to get my sister to watch them as she is careful about watching some channels as some of them call him Wacko Jacko and she hates that. She turns in to a raging bull if any one such as mentions that name that the Sun labelled him with years ago. Oh yes the dreaded evil tabloids that can make you or break you. they tried bringing him down and they tried it even after his demise but it doesn’t matter us loyal fans will love this man until we die too. Peace and love x

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