Where Is Area Code 407 Located in The US

If you are reading this article then you must be aware that if you want to make a phone call to anyone in the US, you need to know the area code of the place they are residing in. Namely, every single place in the States has its area code, so in order to call your friends, business partners, family members, or a significant other, first, you need to type in a particular area code that indicates their location.

Concerning states, we should emphasize that some can brag about having solely one code for an entire region, while others are separated into several domains with different area codes. But what we would like to make you familiar with is where the area code 407 is located in the US and what you should know about it, therefore, read the lines below and find your answers.

How Area Codes Work


When we talk about area codes, we should be aware that they are not envisaged to be inalterable at all costs and times, moreover, they tend to evolve and split when the time conditions for such happening are met. That does not happen without necessity and proper reason, but it resonates with how an area code is important for a particular place.

In the beginning, when area codes were employed for the first time in 1947, there were as many as 88 districts in the USA and Canada combined, while nowadays, the US solely has 335 divisions, out of which 317 are geographic, while 18 are non-geographic area codes. Certainly, the contemporary trend tends to go up even higher, since the number of inhabitants in different regions grows rapidly and numerous areas develop on a daily basis.



As we mentioned earlier, major area codes tend to split into new subdivisions in order for the system to function as close to flawlessly as possible. Likewise, area code 407 has first seen the light of day in 1988, as it was branched out of area code 305. Back in the day, it used to cover a vast majority of Central Florida, as well as Palm Beach and the Treasure Coast Beach.

Surely, that was not the final word when the size covered by area code 407 is in question since it has split two times more since it was established. The first time was in 1996, and the second, the last to this day, was in the last year of the 20th century, the year 2000.

Ordinally, first the area code 561 was created, and four years later, another split brought area code 321 to life. Additionally, a service code 689 was induced as an overlay of the 407 and it is still serving its purpose along with the area code 321. When the history of area codes and general information about them is in question, you would like to consult this source for additional info you can hardly find anywhere else.

Geographical Position and Diffusion


Nowadays, this particular area code covers a vast majority of Orlando, with counties such as Seminole, Orange, and Osceola. Also, minor parts of Volusia and Lake counties fall under its jurisdiction.

When we talk about major places worth mentioning, we should underline Apopka, Geneva, Altamonte, Casselberry, Wekiva Springs, Oviedo, Montverde, Winter Springs, Pine Hills, Oak Ridge, Kissimmee, Sanford, and Ocoee as top destinations where this area code is being used. Surely, this leads us to the conclusion that the area covered is located in the Eastern time zone and it corresponds to Eastern standard time.

How to Get Registered


Having a number registered and backed up by area code 407 could mean a lot both for your company and for your private life, especially if you are living in an area that could not function without it. Namely, when professional relations of a particular business are concerned, you would appear as if you were a local, even if you have just entered the market if you have a 407-prefix fixed in front of your company phone number.

On the other hand, it would affect your phone bill a lot, especially if you communicate locally since otherwise you would be charged with additional across the state fees. Having a residence at one of the aforementioned locations and talking to the officials should be everything you need to do to be registered to the network and become a part of the system

The Abuse

Although we live in times when technological advancements should make our lives easier and safer, certain individuals use their skills and knowledge for bad and dishonest purposes. Namely, although area code 407 is fixed to a particular region, fraudsters might use it as bait for numerous phone-related scams and deceits.

Surely, prevention is the most successful way to stay away from potential fraudsters, so not answering the calls from unreliable sources would be a thing to do if you suspect you are being abused. Secondly, if you still answer the call you suspect is an attempt to endanger your safety, make sure you contact your provider right away and report the issue, but do break up the line even before the fraud attempt becomes obvious.

Call forwarding is an option available to almost anyone who knows how to use a phone, so it is not up to a particular area code whether it is prone to misuse or not. Moreover, it is up to an individual how they will use the opportunities provided. For that reason, it is better to be cautious than sorry and act rapidly to prevent potential issues.

Hopefully, we have brought you closer to the idea of what area code 407 is and explained to you what regions it covers. You can consult pieces of information listed above any time you have a second thought regarding this area code and resolve your doubts in no time. Also, we hope that you have got an impression of how area codes work and develop, especially because their number has been increasing since day one of their establishment.