What Are No Deposit Free Spins and How Can You Claim Them?

A guide to understanding no deposit free spins, how you can claim them? What are no deposit-free spins and are they beneficial to you as an online casino player?

Online casinos offer freebies to players for two main reasons: One is to entice them to join the casino and the second is to keep registered players attracted to the casino. No deposit-free spins are one of the many incentives offered.

Confused about whether to accept or not? We answer the following questions below to make your decision easier.

  • What are no deposit-free spins?
  • How to claim no deposit free spins?
  • How do you evaluate no deposit-free spins?

What Are No Deposit Free Spins


Usually, online casinos offer a freebie against your making a deposit. In this case, the “no deposit” means that you will get the freebie without having to make any deposit. You will, however, need to be a member of the online casino.

We now come to the “free spins” part. You will be given a number of spins on a slot machine (sometimes you can choose from a number of slot machines) with a specified bet amount. However, you will not have to pay for the spins, and no amount will be deducted from your balance with the online casino.

The amount that you win in the free spins will get added to your bonus balance. How this bonus balance is to be used and how it gets converted to your own funds is specified in the terms and conditions, which are discussed later.

No Deposit Free Spins Vs No Deposit Bonuses

A choice often placed before you is between no deposit free spins and no deposit bonus. The no deposit bonus is a lump sum amount decided to be given as a freebie by the online casino. It is a determined amount with no ambiguity.

In the case of the no deposit free spins, the final amount is not initially known. If you are unlucky and win little in the free spins then the final amount will be very small. If luck is on your side and you win a lot in the free spins then the final amount can be large.

Whatever amount you finally end up with will become your bonus. Given a choice, we advocate taking the free spins, but it is your call based on your risk-taking propensity.

How To Claim No Deposit-Free Spins?


While there are loads of avid online casino players out there, we understand that some are still newbies. For such players, keeping a look out for the best offers out there – particularly no deposit free spins bonuses like those made popular by, we recommend visiting reputable casinos who’ll surely bring to the table a fair deal of fun, plus a good chance of winning.

Most of the online casinos above offer exclusive no deposit free spins to players creating a new account. To claim the offer, you have to initiate the signup process by clicking the link provided. Often there is a specific bonus code mentioned, which you will have to enter during the registration process.

Once you complete this process the free spins will automatically be credited on the designated slot game. There are two situations under which the free spins can be forfeited and you have to guard against those.

  • Online casinos give you a few days to complete the free spins, but we advise you to get into action right away. If you forget later and the period expires then there is no way that the free spins will be restored.
  • If you make a deposit before completing the free spins, the offer will lapse. This is another reason to use the free spins as soon as possible.

Online casinos may also offer no deposit free spins to popularise new games releases or on festive occasions. The method of claiming will be spelled out in the offer and you should follow the instructions carefully.

No Deposit Free Spins Terms & Conditions

We have seen online casinos that offer from 5 no deposit free spins to over 100 no deposit free spins, with the average number being around 50. It is obvious that the greater the number of free spins, the better is the offer, provided other things remain the same.

These other things are the terms and conditions attached to the free spins and these are never the same. We take up two of the most important of these and the impact they have.

Wagering Requirements for No Deposit Free Spins


When you have played out the free spins and have the wins in your bonus balance, the action has not ended but the grind has just begun. You have to roll over the winnings a number of times and this is referred to as a wagering requirement or playthrough. This works as follows.

  • Suppose you win $20 after your set number of free spins.
  • This $20 is shown in your bonus balance.
  • Suppose the wagering requirement is 30x.
  • Then you need to wager an absolute amount of $20 x 30 = $600.
  • The bets you place are reduced from your bonus balance and the wins are added to it.
  • You need to win enough to bet $600.

The wagering requirement usually varies from 20x to 60x and the smaller this value the better.

Maximum Cashout from No Deposit Free Spins

You have completed the above process and are sitting pretty with $250 in your bonus balance. The full amount will not be transferred to your cash account from where you can withdraw it. There is always a maximum cashout limit, say $75 in this case. Then $75 will go to your cash account and the balance of $175 will be forfeited. The maximum cashout limit usually varies from 20x to 60x and the larger this value the better.

Newbie players may think this is unfair, but actually, it is not. The online casino is giving you free money without any deposit through the free spins. If players are allowed to cash out all they win then the online casino will go broke in no time.

Popular Slots for No Deposit Free Spins


You will not often be allowed to choose the slot game on which to take the free spins, but if you are then these are our top picks: Starburst, Fruit Zen, and Wolf Gold.