6 Ways You Can Get Banned From Online Casinos

For many people, gambling is a great way to spend their free time. You can choose from thousands of games on online platforms, and win some excellent prizes. Also, it is common for casinos to use various promotion strategies to attract more players. One of the most common models is the newbie bonus.

You will get free credit when you register and place a deposit for the first time. However, if you want to use this feature more often, you should look for more online casinos. According to, there are many new websites where you can get some amazing rewards.

On the other hand, there are many misconceptions related to these websites, and how they could ban you easily. First of all, you should know that there is no way to get banned if you are winning too much. Still, some things might get you banned as well. Here are some common things that could make you banned from an online casino.

1. Being Underage


In most countries, the limit for players is to have at least 18 years to have the ability to register on these sites. However, there were many cases where people tried to avoid this rule. For example, they were using fake IDs or ones of their parents and older friends.

However, you will need to provide a bank account as well. In most cases, casinos were banning people after realizing that bank accounts belong to people under 18. The regulation is the same as for any other type of gambling, such as land casinos and betting houses. Gambling for minors and illegal.

2. Abusing Bonuses

This is a very popular feature for most casinos to offer people some great deals after they place their funds. However, some players went one step forward and found a way to never actually spend their own money. For example, if the requirement for fulfilling a bonus and getting profit is 25% from the deposit, they could spend a higher amount and still secure a profit without touching their funds on the account.

Companies have learned about this breach and could easily determine whether some player is trying to do that or not. In case that you try it today, there is a high chance that the company will decide to suspend your account and ban you permanently from the website.

3. Avoiding Terms and Conditions


Whenever you try to register to some website, there will be some terms and conditions provided that you will need to accept before filling the form and become a member of the platform. It is common for people to never read the things stated in this list.

However, abusing some of them can get you suspended as well. Therefore, always read some important notes to know if there is a chance to get banned from the website. For instance, with the advancements in technology, there are bots and automation available today. However, many casinos won’t allow their use since they could provide big advantages to players.

For instance, implementing the automation bot for slots can provide you with a chance to play ten or more of them at the same time, which is against the rule. Also, there are card counters for blackjack and many other software options, but any of them can get you banned from the platform.

4. Fake ID

Another common reason is when people try to create accounts with fake IDs or enter some incorrect data in the form. There are many reasons why people might try to register that way. First of all, they would try to get additional bonuses more often.

Also, some of them might try to deal with some criminal activities and hide their real identities. For instance, placing a large deposit and then withdrawing it, which is a method for laundering the money. People working for online casinos can easily determine these actions, report them to officials, and delete that profile.

5. Having More Accounts


Another rule is that one person cannot have more than one profile on the same web platform. That way, they can prevent abuse of some offers like rewards, discounts, and free credits. If you somehow manage to get an additional profile, you can expect that workers in the system will locate it and delete it.

Also, there is a great possibility for you to get ban from all your accounts, even permanently in many cases. Chasing bonuses among various available online gambling platforms is a much better solution, which is legal as well.

6. Annoying the Customer Support

Even if you comply with all of the requirements and terms and conditions, there is still a chance to get banned. That has nothing to do with your performance, but with some of your actions. It is not a rare case that people might get stressed after losing money. You can always leave negative feedback if you consider that some games might have too low a percentage rate.

On the other hand, annoying customer support is not a good option. You can indeed contact them for any sort of questions and complaints, but annoying them too often, or even arguing and insulting them will most likely lead to deleting of your profile, along with the permanent ban.

Last Words

As you can see, some actions could lead to suspension. However, it is important to know that regular activities don’t have anything to do with that possibility. Therefore, if you are sure that you haven’t avoided any existing terms, but you still have your account suspended, maybe there was some mistake made in the system. In that case, you can contact the support to see what caused it.
If there are not issues with your profile, they will make it available again. On the other hand, if they are claiming that you have violated some rules, be sure to ask them for proof to see what you did wrong. Most people never read the details of the terms and conditions, which sometimes can lead to mistakes that are causing the suspension.