How Musicraiser Talent Scouting works

Musicraiser Talent Scouting allows registered users to invite their musician friends to start a crowdfunding campaign on Musicraiser and realize their new projects.

Insert your friends emails and click on send: they will receive an email with a dedicated link to accept your invite. You can also use Messenger to send the invite to your musician friends on Facebook.

Send the invites to the musicians you personally know and that you think might be interested in our service!
All the received proposals are evaluated by our team prior of being accepted.

If the artists you have contacted create a campaign on Musicraiser we will notify it to you via email. You will be able to check the status of your invites directly from the talent scout page and in your private profile.

The benefits for you and the artists

With Musicraiser Talent Scouting you can start earning immediately by helping your musician friend realize their projects (album, tour, video...)
At the end of a successful campaign you will be recognized with a 2% of the entire funds raised by the artist. As an example, if a campaign raises $10000 you will earn $200!
This percentage is deducted from Musicraiser's fee and not from the artist's funds.

In addition to all the benefits of a crowdfunding campaign on Musicraiser, the artists accepting your invites will be entitled to a 10% discount of our services fee.

If you are a music professional (radio, fanzine, blog, manager, promoter or music label) fill out the form to start working with Musicraiser and become a Talent Scout Pro!

Fill out this form

A great opportunity for all the music makers!

A crowdfunding campaign on Musicraiser is not just a way to raise funds, but above all an opportunity to promote a music project with a media exposure that does not fear comparison with the works done by a professional press agency. With Musicraiser instead of paying for promotion, you get paid to promote your music and you can collect the funds within 15 business days at the end of a successful campaign.

In addition, all campaigns featuring the launch of an album and reaching at least 200 fans on Musicraiser, can choose to enter the Musicraiser Accelerator, benefiting from 7 promotional levels including free distribution and 3 months of paid press office.

How does the crowdfunding on Musicraiser work?

Crowdfunding campaigns on Musicraiser ast up to 60 days. During this period of time, the artist must reach at least 100% of the economic goal declared in his campaign by receiving money (through credit cards) in return for exclusive rewards to fans participating in the campaign ( Raiser).

Upon reaching the goal and successfully completing the campaign, the artist will receive all the funds collected via bank transfer. Musicraiser applies a 15% commission (+vat and transaction costs) on the collected money for a standard crowdfunding campaign, while for a Musicraiser Accelerator campaign applies a 20% (+vat and transaction costs) commision fee on the funds raised.
In case the campaign does not reach 100%, all donations received will be automatically refund to the Raiser directly on the credit cards used to participate in the campaign, without any additional costs or fee.

Terms and condition of the service

Musicraiser may suspend a user's access to the invitations system at any time and for any reason. We reserve the right to carefully evaluate the user's invitation activity and to suspend its access to the function at our sole discretion.

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