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INFORMATION ON PERSONAL DATA TREATMENT pursuant to article 13 of Legislative Decree no. 196 dated 30 June, 2003 (Privacy Code)

Musicraiser S.r.l., with registered office in Milan, Via Cosimo Del Fante 10, registered with the Companies Register of Milan under no 07915260967 (“Musicraiser” or the “Company”), in its quality of owner of the website (the “Website”), as well as Holder of treatment (as further defined) hereby provides the following information to users of the Website, whether registered or not and using the services offered through it.

The following information is provided in accordance with article 13 of Legislative Decree no. 196 dated 30 June, 2003 (the “Privacy Code”)


The registration to the Website owned and managed by the Company and the eventual subsequent use of the services rendered by the Company through the Website, will involve the treatment of users’ personal data.

The Company, owner of the Website and Holder of the treatment (as further defined) shall treat personal data according to the following conditions.

1. Purpose of the treatment

The treatment of personal data (including their registration in the Company’s data sheets) is aimed exclusively at reaching the following purposes:

i) granting the registration to the Website and the correct provision of the services and, therefore, complying to any obligations arising from the contractual relationship between the Company and the users, as well as the obligations arising from law or regulations, in particular concerning tax or public safety matters.

ii) for administration and accounting purposes, including the possible transmission by e-mail of commercial invoices, also through third parties;

iii) for the registration to the mailing list kept by the Company.

2. Holder of the Treatment of the personal data

The Holder of the treatment of the personal data is Musicraiser S.r.l., having its registered office in Milano, Via Cosimo Del Fante 10 (the “Holder”).

Any queries related to the treatment of personal data be addressed to the Holder to the following addresses:

Muiscraiser S.r.l., Via Cosimo Del Fante 10 – 20122 Milan (Italy);
e-mail address:

3. Granting data or refusal to grant

Communication of data for registration purposes is not mandatory; however it is necessary to access the Website reserved area and, therefore, to enjoy services offered by the Company through the Website.

Registration to the Website implies the user’s consent to his personal data treatment for the purposes listed under article 1 above.

It has to be noted that consent to personal data treatment for the above purposes can be revoked at any time, by simply accessing to the user’s account on the Website and changing the consent option.

4. Treatment methods

Personal data will be mainly treated by means of electronic or automated instruments, in such a way as to ensure their security and confidentiality, in compliance with the Privacy Code.

In particular, any the technical, IT, organizational, logistical and safety procedural measures will be used, as required by the Privacy Code, so that the minimum protection level of the data prescribed by law is granted, allowing the access only to the persons in charge of the treatment by the Holder.

The information received and the treatment methods will be coherent. Data will also be managed and protected in an environment whose access is under constant control.

5 Data communication

User’s data shall only be communicated in anonymous and aggregated form for research or statistic purposes, to:

i) to all those parties (including the Public Authorities) entitled with access in accordance with applicable laws or regulations;

ii) third parties whose services are proposed through the Website (i.e. concert or event organizers);

iii) third parties in charge of issuing, printing, preparing, shipping or delivering the tickets sold through the Website

iv) banks or entities management payment services by means of which payment on the Website are made;

v) entities, consultants and professionals in charge with Website maintenance;

vi) public or private entities, as well as single individuals when such data communication is necessary or proper for the performance of any obligations undertaken or required by the law;

6. Archive of personal data

User’s personal data will be archived to the extent and timing necessary to grant a proper provision of the services offered by the Company.

In case of cancellation, exclusion, disablement for non-use of the user’s account on the Website, data will be kept for administrative purposes and for a period not exceeding three month, save for specific obligations required by the applicable laws on conservation of accounting documents or for public services purposes. In such cases, automatic cancellation of data by third parties receiving such data will be ensured.

Art. 7. Access to personal data

Pursuant to article 7 of Privacy Code any user has the right ,among others:

i) to obtain the confirmation about the existence or not of personal data regarding the user and its communication in a clear form;

ii) to obtain, by the Holder of the treatment

- indications on the origin of personal data, on the treatment methods and purposes;

- indication of the Holders’ identification details, as well as of the representative appointed by a foreign party to data treatment in Italy;

- indication about the parties or categories of parties to whom data can be communicated or that can know the data in their quality of representatives appointed in the Italian territory; iii) to obtain:

- the update, amendment or integration of the data regarding the user;

- the cancellation, transformation into an anonymous form or the block of the data not treated in compliance with the applicable law;

- the acknowledgment of the fact that the above indicated activities have been communicated, also regarding their content, to those parties the data is been the data is been communicated or disclosed to, except the case where this filing is impossible or involves the use of supports which are visibly disproportional compared to the right under protection;

iv) challenge, in whole or in part:

- for justified reasons, the personal data treatment of the user, although if such treatment was made for data collection treatment;

- to user’s personal data treatment for commercial purposes, for delivery of advertising material, direct sales or for effecting market or commercial communication researches.

The above rights can be exerted with request made without any formality to the Holder at the above indicated addresses.

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