We created Musicraiser Accelerator because we wanted to find an innovative way to gather like-minded artists and rethink all the dynamics of the music industry by giving access to a powerful service that would help artists keeping their music independence and, at the same time, realize their projects with the maximum exposure to the public! The Accelerator assists the artist throughout all the stages of the publication of a new album, from fundraising to music distribution (digital), from the production to the promotion, providing all the services of a record label.

It's an alternative to self-production or to the continuous knocking on the record labels doors, a meritocratic way to involve the public and lead them into a collective successful experience.

What is it?

Artists who join the Musicraiser Accelerator receive our support for the creation of a customized crowdfunding campaign to be published directly on the Musicraiser platform.

During the campaign, 7 different promotional levels can be unlocked according to the number of raisers involved (i.e. persons who book one or more rewards created by the artist). Each level consists of unique services offered by Musicraiser, which aim to enhance and give more visibility to the artist's project.

The most important level is the 7th, which can be reached by involving 200 raisers, that entitles the artist to a digital distribution proposal plus a customized push promo dedicated to the launch of the album. We will be happy to produce all the artists of any musical genre that will reach this level.
All previous levels include important awards as well, such as the free printing of the booked CDs, free mastering, exposure on Musicraiser's social media and to its community of over 135.000 people.
Awards are always based on the number of participants of a Musicraiser campaign.
Every time you unlock a level you have the right to new awards that add up to the previous ones.

What are the levels of Musicraiser Accelerator?

Level 1, Firestarter

Social Media Presentation

To unlock the first level of Musicraiser Accelerator, the artist (Creator) must involve at least 30 raisers, meaning 30 different persons who have participated in the campaign by booking at least one reward created by the artist.
At this level, the artist's campaign will be presented to the social community of Musicraiser (Facebook, Twitter...) using images, links or videos available on the campaign page. The purpose of this award is to give more visibility to the artist project.

Level 2, Rocketman

Hot Projects
By reaching 50 raisers, the artist unlocks the second level of Musicraiser Accelerator.
Unlocking this level, the artist will be included in the Hot Projects of the week and his/her project will be recommended to all the raisers registered on our platform via the thousands notification email sent during the week.

Level 3, Fly me to the moon

Newsletter Musicraiser

The campaign will also be included in the Musicraiser Newsletter, which updates thousands of raisers and musicians every week with the most interesting projects on the platform, as well as various news and thematic insights.
The project will be presented in one of the Newsletters within 3 weeks after the artist reached the third level of Accelerator.

Level 4, Intergalactic

Free Mastering + Interview

By reaching the fourth level of Musicraiser Accelerator, corresponding to 100 raisers, the artist will be able to use the Professional Mastering services of our partner Landr.
The Creator will receive a Pro membership for Landr (mastering services for an unlimited number of tracks, WAV files) for a period of 2 months since its activation.
You can activate this service at any time you prefer.

The artist will also receive a set of questions from Musicraiser, and the interview will then be published on Musicraiser Blog (Musicraiser reserves the possibility of not publishing interviews with content considered ineligible for publication).

The answers will have to be received within one month of reaching the fourth level Musicraiser accelerator.

Level 5, Space Oddity

Musicraiser Homepage

Reaching 120 raisers, the artist will unlock the fifth level of Musicraiser Accelerator.

The project will also be included on the homepage of the site, along with other campaigns, for a total duration of 7 days.

Level 6, Champagne Supernova

Free Cds Print + Facebook Live Show

At 150 raisers, the artist will reach the sixth level of Musicraiser Accelerator.
The campaign must have collected at least $3500 by the end of its duration and it must have reached or exceeded 100 % of its economic goal.

Musicraiser will take charge of the cost of printing and shipping to the creator of all the CDs booked during the campaign.
The CDs format for this gift is: Jewel Box Tray Clear for 1 single CD, Booklet 4 PG 4 + 4 col., Inlays Card 4 + 4 col., Glass Master Cd12, Cd12 Replica and labelling, application of the copyright collecting agency's stamp, wrapping (important: the graphics for the CD print are provided by the artist and the order with the final number of required copies must take place after the end of the campaign and in a single request).
In case of requests for different formats or quantities from the creator, the extra costs will be charged to the artist.
The artist will be contacted by the Musicraiser team for more details and instructions.
It is not included in the offer the purchase of the copyright collecting agency's stamps and the processing of paperwork, excluding the case where, reached the seventh level of Musicraiser Accelerator, the artist accepts the Label proposal from Musicraiser; in that case, even the copyright collecting agency's costs will be taken charge by Musicraiser.

The artist will also be able to perform a live acoustic exhibition on the Facebook page of Musicraiser. In order to organize it, the artist will have to contact his/her campaign manager within 7 days of reaching the sixth level of Musicraiser Accelerator.

Level 7, Across the Universe

Record Deal + Push Promo

To reach the seventh and final level of Musicraiser Accelerator, it is necessary to have involved 200 raisers and collected at least $5000, reaching or exceeding 100% of the economic goal.

The artist will then receive a proposal for the digital distribution of the album by Musicraiser and/or his partners.
The proposal can be customized according to the characteristics or needs of the artist, but the basic proposal will be a distribution license agreement where the artist remains the owner of his/her master and the holder of all his/her other rights.

The offer is in no way binding and can be rejected by the artist.
Any refusal will not affect the disbursement of the funds collected.

If the offer is accepted, the artist will also be entitled to free access to the services of a push promo specifically dedicated to the promotion of his/her album; in the event of rejection of the proposal, the artist will not be entitled to press office services.

The record deal offered by Musicraiser must be accepted or rejected in its entirety. Partial acceptance is not possible.
Musicraiser also reserves the possibility of presenting the proposal for distribution to any project on the platform, including projects with less than 200 raisers.

The release date of the album will be agreed with the label.

The artist will remain the owner of the master of the album and Musicraiser will not influence the artistic choices of the musician, who will retain his freedom and creative independence.

How much does it cost?

The project proposal, the campaign manager's advice, and campaign launch are totally free.

Musicraiser holds a commission only at the end of the campaign and only if it succeeds (i.e. if it will have reached or exceeded 100 % of its economic objective).

The Musicraiser commission is 15 % (+vat and transaction costs) of the funds collected.

What is required to join Musicraiser Accelerator?

The Accelerator program is open only to artists and bands who are working on the release of an album (by album is meant music content of the minimum duration of 25 minutes overall).
The album has to be composed mainly of unpublished songs or, if not, Musicraiser will assess the feasibility of the proposal.
The creator assumes responsibility for the originality of the contents of the album.

For artists who are engaged with a record and/or distribution contract with another label, access to Musicraiser accelerator is still allowed.
However, they will not receive the services available at the final level of Musicraiser Accelerator (Distribution Proposal + Push Promo) unless there is a collaboration agreement between the other label (owner of the master) and Musicraiser.
However, they will be able to obtain all the services achieved at the other levels and, of course, obtain the funds collected at the end of the successful campaign, without any limitation.
A successful campaign is a crowdfunding campaign that reaches or exceeds 100 % of its economic goal thanks to the participation of the raisers.

In case of artists who reach level 7 of Musicraiser Accelerator, and only in case the artist accepts the label proposal offered by Musicraiser, there will be a commitment from both sides to release the album by and no later than 1 year since the launch of the campaign with Musicraiser Accelerator.

What are the requirements of an Accelerator campaign?

To launch a campaign with Musicraiser Accelerator, the minimum economic objective must be $1500, for a maximum period of 60 days.

The creator of the campaign, i.e. the user that sign up on Musicraiser platform and creates the campaign, must be at least 18 years old.

In order to obtain all the benefits of the last level of Musicraiser Accelerator, including the distribution proposal and dedicated press office, the campaign must have collected at least $5000 total, although it can have as a starting objective a lower sum.
By raisers are meant different people who have participated in a crowdfunding campaign. Musicraiser reserves the right to check the data in order to verify whether this condition has been complied with; otherwise, the label proposal will not be carried out.

The rewards created by the artist for the Accelerator campaign must always contain at least 1 physical copy (CD) of the album, and the minimum price of the basic reward must be $10.
The creator assumes responsibility for the delivery of all rewards and exonerates Musicraiser from any liability if they are not received.

All the relationship between Musicraiser, the artists, the raisers and third parties are regulated in the Terms and Conditions on Musicraiser. You can read all the details here.
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