5 Tips For Teaching Phonics To Kindergarten Children – 2023 Guide

The first years of life are the most important years. These are the years in which children learn many new things, but also the years in which they learn important things that will be of great benefit to them later in life. In the first years of life you learn how to respect someone, how to say thank you, how to be honest and honest, but also how to count to 10. These are important things that when we are children we learn, work which we teach in kindergartens, and all this is taken care of by the educational staff, ie educators who are responsible for the good behavior and knowledge of many kids who attended kindergarten.

Educators are always most responsible for the knowledge of children. They put a lot of effort into the development of kids in the first years of life. Educators help kids learn very important things through play and fun to make it interesting for them. They teach them to count, to behave culturally, to draw, to create, but also to read and write. Reading and writing is the most important thing a person needs to know. It is learned in the first years of life when we are small kids and while we go to kindergarten and then in later years it improves more and more.

The principle of speaking and reading is called phonics. Phonics is actually a science that deals with the correct pronunciation of words and letters. This science is the gateway to the educational process of children. They get their basic knowledge from this science which is taught to them by their kindergarten teachers. In order for kids to understand things in a timely and correct way, it is necessary to teach them those things in a really interesting way that will help them memorize the letters and words. How would that be done? It remains to be seen in this article in which we will talk about tips on how to teach kids phonics in kindergarten.

1. Transmit knowledge through music and interesting children’s songs


When transferring some knowledge to children, care must be taken to do it in the right way. One of those ways is to transfer knowledge through music and interesting children’s songs. We suggest this to you because kids behave like sponges when they are young, ie they absorb and know and store every information they receive, say from who have been involved in children’s education for many years. It only matters how it is done, and the best way is music and children’s songs. To begin with, start with the Alphabet Song which is the first and most important thing that kids learn when it comes to reading and speaking.

2. Try with the help of cards

Animated cards are the next best choice in learning phonics. Make interesting animated cards that will serve you during the learning. Make one for each letter associated with an object, animal, or activity. Then show them to the kids, and have them repeat after you. Thus, with the help of photo memory, they will learn the letters, the words, but they will also learn how to pronounce them correctly, which is very important in the learning process. It will be a very interesting way for them that will allow them to learn quickly and interestingly.

3. Use animated videos and movies


For a child, there is nothing more interesting than watching animated movies and videos. They simply enjoy watching animated movies and videos at all times. Why not try to convey your knowledge of letters and words with the help of animated video? Make or find a video with all the children’s favorite characters and try to capture the letters and words that they will remember with the help of their excellent memory. This is a very internal way that is very applicable and fun, so we recommend that you practice it in the process of education.

4. Try to explain to them through your favorite cartoon characters

Children’s favorite cartoon characters have a very important role and show a special effect when it comes to their use in learning. Thus, they would be very helpful in the process of learning the letters and words. Try to include more cartoon characters or superheroes in the whole process of education that will help kids learn the words correctly and know the letters. Phonics is much easier to learn this way, so try to find cards, videos, come up with interesting games that contain some superheroes, and apply them together with children to better prepare them and get acquainted with the letters and numbers.

5. Try to make the learning process fun and animated for children


It is very important to choose the right principle according to which children will be taught. This is especially important when it comes to the first things learned, such as letters and words. Always strive to work with them through fun, games, and animating children. So they will be relaxed, happy, and carefree, and that is what it takes most to have the necessary concentration, energy and get their attention and interest to learn. Create the ideal program, make it with as many games as possible so that they do not even feel the time they spend in learning, and still learn some new and useful things that they will need throughout their lives. The model of learning is important, so see how you go about children’s entertainment and watch children learn carefree and in a fun way every day.

Learning is important, so it should be the ideal way. Therefore, you try to find the optimal and best method that will help you to transfer your knowledge more easily, which will be very important to them in the further course of development. It is important that they remain happy, smiling, animated, and in the process of education without even feeling that it is about. Only then will they easily learn and remember things. Have fun with the kids and draw smiles on their faces as you study together!