Published Feb 4, 2017 1:49

Allright friend!!

Since we had to immediately leave to start touring US after the end of this amazing campaign, we apologize with you to not have sent before any information nor request regarding your selected perk.

If you live in USA or Canada, are able to catch us live in one of the following dates and have chosen a physical perk (shirts / CDs), we'll be more than happy to directly give it in your hands.

Otherwise please send us an email to detailing the preferred shirts and/or CDs (you can directly choose em from, your size, wait until we come back at the end of February and we'll ship it to the address provided on Musicraiser.

For all the other non-physical perks (videos / downloads), we'll start recording during the next days and will send em to the email you used to register on Musicraiser.


Thanks so much for your patience and precious support!!




Published Jan 31, 2017 1:17

We're very happy and astonished to finally get it on the top with this awesome crowd-funding campaign in order to help with the US touring expenses!!!


Forever grateful for being part of the success of this project, with your precious help we'll be able to print new merch, travel in a comfy van and hire a good local crew!!!!


Much love all out there friends \m/


5 $

A thanks video dedicated to you

#ENG: A video clip where the band thank you personally, directly sent to your email address!

#ITA: Un video clip dove la band ti ringrazia personalmente, inviato direttamente alla tua casella di posta elettronica!
10 $

Direct download of the full live show supporting Testament

#ENG: You will have the chance to download the live audio of the full show we had in July, 30th in Milan with Testament. It doesn't yet exist online and you'll be the first one to receive it!

#ITA: Avrai la possibilità di scaricare l'audio di tutto lo show avvenuto il 30 Luglio a Milano in apertura ai Testament. Non esiste ancora online, e sarai il primo a riceverlo!
20 $

1 CD + 1 T-shirt at your choice

#ENG: You will receive a T-shirt and a CD of our discography at your choice at a special price. The full catalog on our website.

#ITA: Riceverai una maglietta e un cd della nostra discografia a tua scelta ad un ottimo prezzo, il catalogo completo sul nostro sito internet.
30 $

2 CDs + 1 T-shirt or 2 T-shirts + 1 CD at your choice

#ENG: Two CDs and one T-shirt at your choice or two T-shirts and one CD, always at your choice. The full fan kit!

#ITA: Due CD e una maglietta a tua scelta oppure due magliette e un CD a tua scelta. Il kit completo del fan!
40 $

Our full discography signed by the band

#ENG: We gonna send you our complete discography with every single CD signed by the band with a dedication to thank you for your support!

#ITA: Ti manderemo la nostra discografia completa e autograferemo ogni singolo CD con una dedica per ringraziarti del tuo supporto!
60 $

Our full discography signed by the band + 2 T-shirts at your choice

#ENG: To the previous items we add two T-shirts at your choice!

#ITA: Agli articoli precedenti aggiungiamo due magliette a tua scelta!
100 $

A dinner with the band

#ENG: Exactly! We'll have a dinner all together with you, and we pay. Please contact us in order to organize everything in the best way!

#ITA: Esattamente! Passeremo una cena tutti insieme, e offriamo noi. Per favore contattaci per poter organizzarci al meglio!
200 $

A dinner with the band + VIP backstage access for the whole 2017 live season

#ENG: In addition to having a dinner all together, you will gain VIP access to our backstage for each gig we gonna have in 2017!

#ITA: A cena con la band e VIP pass per il backstage di tutte le nostre date nel 2017!
300 $

Dinner + VIP backstage access for 2017 + full discography + 2 T-shirts

#ENG: A dinner with us, the VIP backstage pass for every show we gonna have in 2017, our complete signed discography and two T-shirts at your choice delivered directly in your hands during the dinner!

#ITA: Una cena con noi, il VIP pass per il backstage per ogni data che faremo nel 2017, la nostra discografia completa autografata e due magliette a tua scelta consegnate nelle tue mani durante la cena!
500 $

A private live show at your home or venue, we gonna bring full service and backline

#ENG: You can choose the venue (even your living room) and we will come to play bringing everything needed. If you are an event organizer or you have a club contact us! Even if you are an American organizer and you want us in your location during our forthcoming American tour, please contact us!

#ITA: Potrai scegliere tu la location (anche il tuo salotto) e noi verremmo a suonare portando tutto il necessario. Se sei un organizzatore di eventi o hai un locale contattaci! Anche se sei un organizzatore americano e vuoi averci nella tua location durante il prossimo tour americano, per favore contattaci!
750 $

A weekend with the band in the studio during our next album recording

#ENG: Soon we gonna enter the studio to start recording our next album. Spend a weekend at your choice with us, we'll pay anything, accommodation included but travel expenses excluded, and you gonna have the rare possibility to listen to a preview of our brand new songs right out of the cooking!

#ITA: Tra poco entreremo in studio per iniziare le registrazioni del nostro prossimo album. Passa un weekend a tua scelta con noi, pagheremo tutto noi, compreso pernotto ma escluse le spese di viaggio, e avrai la rara possibilità di ascoltare in anteprima le nostre nuovissime canzoni appena sfornate!
1,000 $

Wanna be our next producer?

#ENG: Spend with us the whole recording process of the forthcoming album, we'll pay anything, accommodation included but travel expenses excluded, take all the decisions about both music and lyrics together with us, we'll see in the studio and you can suggest us whatever you want about our next brand new album out soon in mid 2017!

#ITA: Passa con noi tutto il periodo delle registrazioni del prossimo album, pagheremo tutto noi, compreso pernotto ma escluse le spese di viaggio, prendi tutte le decisioni sulla musica e i testi insieme con noi, ci vedremo in studio di registrazione e potrai suggerirci tutto quello che vorrai per produrre il nostro nuovo album, in uscita a metà 2017!

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