Marco Mestichella


Born in Italy in 1990 and moved to London at the age of 18, singer-songwriter Marco Mestichella starts making music right after completing his studies at BIMM Institute, Access to Music and University of Westminster. His debut EP 'The Day I Killed My Ego' was self-released in 2013, supported by the two video singles 'Treason' and 'I Should Have Stayed Home Tonight' and the second studio project 'Troubled Water' was released in 2015, financed by a successful crowdfunding campaign with Musicraiser. Marco played many live gigs with his session band all around London between 2013 and 2015 and he is currently about to start a new crowd-funding campaign in support of his forthcoming studio effort 'Tales of Falling Walls' set to be released early next year. Citing influences from various artists including Pink Floyd, Madonna, Portishead, George Michael and Morcheeba, Marco describes his style as a blend of Pop, Soft Rock, Trip Hop and Electronica. He calls it 'Illpop'. Nato in Italia nel 1990 e trasferitosi a Londra all’età di 18 anni, il cantautore Marco Mestichella inizia a produrre musica subito dopo aver completato i suoi studi presso alcune delle più note accademie inglesi, tra cui BIMM, Access to Music e University of Westminster. Il suo EP di debutto ’The Day I Killed My Ego’ è stato pubblicato nel 2013, assieme ai due video singoli ’Treason’ e ’I Should Have Stayed Home Tonight’ e il secondo progetto discografico ’Troubled Water’ esce nel 2015, supportato da una campagna di raccolta fondi con Musicraiser. Marco ha suonato dal vivo a Londra tra il 2013 e il 2015 e ora sta per iniziare una nuova campagna promozionale per il suo nuovo album ’Tales of Falling Walls’, che verrà rilasciato a inizio 2017. Le sue influenze musicali spaziano dai Pink Floyd e Massive Attack, a Madonna, George Michael e Portishead.


'Tales of Falling Walls' - Digital Album / Album in versione digitale

High-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more via the Bandcamp app. Available shortly after the end of the campaign and contains full front and back artwork.

Copia digitale del disco in alta definizione, disponibile poco dopo la fine della campagna tramite il sito Bandcamp!

Physical CD / CD Fisico

Get a physical copy of 'Tales of Falling Walls' NOW!
Acquista la tua copia di 'Tales of Falling Walls' NOW!

'Tales of Falling Walls' - Physical signed CD Album / CD fisico autografato

Get your physical signed copy of my new record here!

La tua copia fisica in formato CD con autografo!


CD + Special Digital Folder / CD + Download speciale con tutta la mia musica

With this option, you will receive the CD + a digital folder with all my music!

Contains :
- 'The Day I Killed My Ego' (Debut EP 2013)
- 'Fragments of Light' (Double Single 2014)
- 'Troubled Water' (Maxi EP 2015)
- 'Tales of Falling Walls' (2017)

Tutta la mia musica in una cartella digitale + CD !

CD + Support my Listening Party @ Betahaus in Berlin on 24.02.2017 / Supporta l'evento di Berlino

I'm organising a listening party in Berlin which will take place at The Betahaus on Feb 24 2017. The event is meant to be a promotional evening where 'Tales of Falling Walls' will be played for press, record labels and everyone else who is interested! It will also be a fun networking night for all artists. Opt for this pledge and become a supporter of the event! This option also includes entrance to the event and a signed physical copy of the record.

Supporta il listening party a Berlino il 24 Febbraio 2017, evento in cui il disco verrà presentato in anteprima per bloggers, case discografiche e tutti coloro che ci saranno!
Questa opzione include entrata all'evento e copia fisica del disco.

CD + Support my Launch Gig @ Sebright Arms in London on 18.03.2017 / Supporta il concerto di Londra

This is a great way to help!
I'm preparing a show in support of the record release. The gig will be at The Sebright Arms in London on March 18 2017, and I need to create a budget in order to pay all the musicians who will be playing with me, as well as organisation costs. We are also filming the show in HD and the footage will be used to pitch for festivals and future live performances. I am planning to work with a London based show company that will allow me to create a 360 degrees sensorial experience!
This pledge includes a VIP ticket for the show (ticket entrance, signed physical copy, access to after party).

Aiutami a finanziare il concerto di lancio per il disco, il 18 Marzo 2017 a Londra. Devo coprire i vari costi di produzione, tra cui pagare i musicisti che suoneranno con me. Stiamo anche pianificando di filmare il concerto ed utilizzare i video come biglietto da visita per festivals ed altre opportunità live! Questa opzione include biglietto VIP con accesso all'after party e copia fisica.

CD + Support the making of 'Disclosure' Music Video / Supporta il video musicale 'Disclosure'

I'm heading to Vienna in December to shoot the official music video for 'Disclosure', one of the tracks featured on the new record. Choose this option and become the official supporter! You will be credited on the video and will be the first one to see it! Comes with a copy of the record.

Supporta la realizzazione del video musicale per 'Disclosure', uno dei 7 pezzi contenuti nel disco. Questa opzione include una copia fisica del disco e il tuo nome incluso nei crediti del video!

CD + Support the making of 'Fire Burnt' Music Video / Supporta il video musicale 'Fire Burnt'

My London team and I will be working on a couple of music videos for the new record. 'Fire Burnt' is one of them.
Support it by choosing this option!
You will be credited and will be the first one too see it!
Physical copy included.

Supporta la realizzazione del video musicale per 'Fire Burnt', uno dei 7 pezzi contenuti nel disco. Questa opzione include una copia fisica del disco e il tuo nome incluso nei crediti del video!

CD + Support the making of 'Velvet Silky Boy' Music Video / Supporta il video di 'Velvet Silky Boy'

'Velvet Silky Boy' will be another single from the record and I need to make a music video for it. I'll be shooting it with my London team in March. Become an official sponsor by choosing this option. You will be credited on the video and will be the first one to see it! Physical copy included.

Supporta la realizzazione del video musicale per 'Velvet Silky Boy', uno dei 7 pezzi contenuti nel disco. Questa opzione include una copia fisica del disco e il tuo nome incluso nei crediti del video!

CD + support the PR Campaing / Supporta la campagna promozionale

Although making music can be free, putting it out there is not!
I need to create a budget in order to launch a professional PR campaign that will help me promoting my work through blogs, music websites and radio plays. Be the one who will allow me to reach a bigger audience!

Fare musica non ha un costo, ma pubblicarla si!
Devo creare un budget che mi permetta di promuovere il disco in maniera professionale, con una campagna pr che includa passaggi in radio, recensioni e stampa di copie fisiche del disco!


Official Sponsor

Are you looking for music? A soundtrack for your movie, trailer or advert? Background songs for your business?

Become the official sponsor of my project and let's work together. I can offer you exclusive access and use of my catalogue as well as produce new tracks designed to fit your needs. You can contact me privately to discuss further ideas.

Cerchi musica? Una colonna sonora per il tuo nuovo film o spot pubblicitario? canzoni da sottofondo per il tuo business?

Diventa lo sponsor ufficiale del mio progetto e lavoriamo insieme! Posso offrire accesso esclusivo alla mia musica e crearne della nuova che possa soddisfare i tuoi bisogni.
Contattami privatamente per discuterne a fondo!

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