Help Six Great Harmonica Players From All Over The World Honour Toots Thielemans


Welcome to "We Do It Out Of Love"  a Tribute to the "GREAT" Toots Thielemans.


// The Album

This is a very important project to celebrate the music of the great harmonica master Toots Thielemans.

This is an international project that pulls together preeminent harmonica players from all over the world: Grégoire Maret, Antonio Serrano, Gabriel Grossi, Franco Luciani, Alex Rossi and  Olivier Ker Ourio.

Our aim is to make an album with 12 songs in honour of Jean Toots Thielemans. On this recording we will commemorate tunes that he immortalized, as well as perform new compositions especially written in tribute to him.

This is our way of saying "Thanks" to Toots for his great inspiration and for setting an example of excellence and professionalism for all harmonica players and musicians to follow. 


// How To Help

You can be part of this important project by making your contribution in exchange of some amazing rewards. You may purchase CD's, Skype lessons, microphones etc, and help this album come to life.

Contributions will be used to pay the costs like to record, master, edit, promote and manufacture the first 2,000 CD's totaling approximately € 23.345.00  

We deeply appreciate your kind and generous help and support.


Thank you,

Grégoire Maret , Antonio Serrano , Gabriel Grossi , Franco Luciani , Alex Rossi and  Olivier Ker Ourio




////// Payment note //////

If you prefer to contribute on this project doing a bank deposit, please contact us anytime at: wedoitoutoflove@gmail.com





The Artists:


Franco Luciani 



Gabriel Grossi 


Grégoire Maret 



 Alex Rossi  


  Antonio Serrano 



Olivier Ker Ourio 




Thank you for being a part of this. It means a lot to us and keeps us going. Please help us to spread the word and share this project with all your friends. We are all very excited with this new project and hope to bring this all together with great music.

Please feel free to contact us anytime at: wedoitoutoflove@gmail.com 


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