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Hello, Music Nerds! 

Thank you for showing an interest in The Deltahorse's fundraising campaign and for considering to pledge towards our upcoming new album. We truly appreciate your support.                                            

For what it's worth this journey should be a rewarding one for all of us.  


Straight From The Horse's Mouth

We are three musicians from different origins and alternate influences who have never been in the same place at the same time. We are scattered all over the globe but we connect online to create our music. The chances are good that you won't be able to tell just by listening to our songs - that what you are hearing does not sound like we all just connect through the virtual whiteboard of file swapping. Our music sounds more like three friends who meet up over some good wine and have fun playing whilst creating a signature sound. The three of us are, Berlin based Sash, Vadim Zeberg from Belfast and Dana Colley from Boston. Call us the Triple B-Brothers if you like, or simply The Deltahorse.

"Mammoth slabs of thunderous bass and sax riffs..." Joshua Pickard | BEATS PER MINUTE, USA

"Zeberg swings a slinky falsetto; it's an appealing contrast to Colley's swaggering bari sax..." Jim Santo | BIG TAKEOVER, USA

"Unlike anything else you're bound to come across this year..." Chris Kubak | STRIKER BILL, USA


Fundraising Mission And Purpose

Everyone's got a mission in life and our's is to create the grooviest, grittiest, shmexiest music we hear in our heads and feel in our warm hearts whilst exploring that twisted field called songwriting. We pour our blood sweat and tears into the process, it takes a lot of time and even more energy doing what we do. Forming all those weird riffs, sound bits and lyrics into songs is what makes us feel alive. 

People keep telling us we are creating some good stuff and we feel that the time has come for us to finally release our full album. As far as our songwriting goes... we have written about half of the songs needed for the album and we plan on finishing up on it and releasing it by autumn 2015 (touch wood). 

We need your support to make it happen.

Please take a look at how much budget is needed and what it's for.


Funding The Bill

Minimum Project Budget: $4.500 | The minimum funding goal for this campaign was set to as low as $4.500. By reaching the minimum goal we would be able to cover costs for the manufacturing of at least 300 CD's at Disc Makers (4-panel-Digipack), album mastering, ISRC codes needed for album, artwork and graphic design, 15% campaign fee, costs for materials and rewards.

Flex Goal no.1: $7.000 | At this point we would be able to start promotion of our album and secure some brief online distribution deal and promo. 

Flex Goal no.2: more than $7.000 | At this point we would be able to come up with a low budget video on top. Being able to promote our album in a manner that will do the crazy amount of work invested justice is what we are aiming for. 

The full amount received at the end of our fundraising will be used in its entirety to cover just the mechanical costs for producing, releasing or promoting of our album and the manufacturing of rewards.



We are thankful for your support and we want this fundraising to be an exciting and rewarding experience for all of us. We are pleased to announce some really great and personal rewards like Dana's woodblock printing, mixtapes or some beautiful stencil art. Please read through the packages and take a look at what we are offering, we think the rewards are pretty cool and they fit all sizes and pockets.


EXECUTIVE PRODUCER Package | Do it like they do in Hollywood.


THE MODERNIST Package | Download our album and lyrics


CURIOSITY Package | Ask the Artificial Intelligence that is The Deltahorse.


WALK OF FAME Package | Ego stroke. Read your name everywhere (almost).


FASHION VICTIM Package | Shmexy t-shirt with The Deltahorse's logo on it.


GENUINE CHUNKS OF THE BERLIN WALL Package | Bottled. Made in Berlin. Brought to you with Certificate of Authenticity.


MUSIC NERD Package | Personalized mixtape. Get yourself some uplifting mojo mixed by Sash.


ROCK STAR Package | Sing background vocals on our upcoming album.


DANA COLLEY ART Package | Beautiful woodblock print made by Dana (this is just a SAMPLE of what it could look like).


TRUSTED CONFIDANT Package | You play your best card when we get stuck during the production process. We will need your opinion on creative decisions or mixes, and consider it a valuable option.


MENTORING Package | Be the Grey Eminence. Adopt this racing horse. Help us make pr-related decisions. Pick the right songs for our album. Get credited on a genuine deed of the former German Democratic Republic (GDR). Rare!


STENCIL ART Package | Pick or name your favorite artist. Hand made by Kristina Kino for the world to embrace.



We Need Your support

This is an All-or-Nothing campaign. Meaning, we have to reach our minimum target goal in order to fund successfully. Our songs are our gift to the world - for people like you. We would love for you to be a part of this so please give what you can.

Ladies and Gentlemen... saddle the horse... now!!!

Please invest in us and help us get our music out.










The Story So Far 

Dana and I released The Deltahorse's debut EP in 2013 on Bandcamp, together with the great help of Australian musician TJ Eckleberg who collaborated as singer-songwriter and injected some great lyrical storytelling. After lots of hard work, some dead ends we managed to get our EP out into the music blogosphere, it's been doing the rounds for a while now - there are some nice interviews, responses and reviews out there. 

2014 sees Vadim sitting in the saddle, taking over the vocal duties and pulling at the listeners heart strings. The Deltahorse is still a running horse, kicking off its signature sounds and working towards the release of a full album. We couldn't be more excited about it and judging from the response we've been receiving on our latest single "Easy Life" a lot of you, our dear friends and supporters, are too!         

Thanks for bearing with us. 

Sash | The Deltahorse


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  • David Valente
  • Happy Sandman
  • Hubert Bennecker
  • Stefan Hamacher
  • Simon Lewry
  • Pavel Vlasov
  • Pam Ikegami
  • Chris Katzmann
  • Farnaz Riedel
  • Don Davis
  • Jakob Schäuffelen
  • Ken and Kate Williams
  • Edgar Kacko
  • Michael McCafferty
  • karin baumann
  • Chryss Stathopoulos
  • Eric Puliti
  • Jeanne Kowalski
  • Kristina Juvzenko
  • Irina Stucere
  • Uwe Durkp
  • Marcus Deml
  • Shane McGuigan
  • Bernhard Bornitz
  • Mario Putzar
  • Clint Gordon
  • Olivia Solner
  • nancy dayian
  • Lynn Graham
  • Bob Crabtree
  • iBan iLuna
  • Jacek Kocoń
  • Casey Shot
  • Slava Kuderko
  • Zuzana Mihalikova
  • Petr Sarnecki
  • Eric Freedman
  • Markus Limmer
  • tracey kaplan
  • Graham Baldrick
  • Marina Dichter
  • Daniele Rota
  • Dave Martin
  • Ulf Kaiser
  • Andrea Dal Passo
  • filippo pardini
  • Sam Oppedisano
  • Ivo Habedank
  • Gareth Winstone
  • Louis Katzmann
  • Aggie Brown
  • Leon Ju
  • Roman Tarassov
  • Kelvyn Taylor
  • Michele Silvia
  • Joan Perry
  • Jerome Deupree
  • Evgenia Usharovskaya
  • Patrick McCormick
  • Gleb Sture

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