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Influenced by the spirit of Rastafari consciousness and the original Jamaican rub-a-dub sound system style, I am releasing “The Journeyman Pilgrimage” - my 10thstudio record. This project is close to my heart because it brings a strong but fun, love-conscious and positive vibration that displays the full maturity of my intention/mission. Showcasing where I’ve come from as well as where I am currently at, this album will be a “country reggae” journey and I’m inviting you all to join me.

Driven by the intention to entertain, edutain, inform and inspire, I am an independent touring/recording artist delivering the same vibes as I always have, now mature, more accurate and cultivating an international fan base. My career has been a journey with different phases and is unfolding as I go along.

I need your help to finish this project. A number of songs are already recorded and are awaiting their finishing touches. However, my vision is to do this in 2 parts:

In spring I will release “The JOURNEYMAN Ep”consisting of 7 songs.

The second phase is to complete 20 more songs, from which I’ll choose 14 for “THE JOURNEYMAN PLGRIMAGE”(The album). Additionally, I hope to drop at least 3 to 4 singles/music videos in preparation to release the full CD in the spring of next year.

This album will feature a talent bank of musicians!

  • I’m working closely with producer and engineer Barry O’Hare, who has worked with acts such as Burning Spear, Shaggy, and Sean Paul.
  • Bassist/Producer Devon Bradshaw from Axx of Jahpostles, who has worked with Burning Spear, the late Garnet Silk, and has been instrumental in my sound over the years.
  • Ian (Beezy)Coleman, the guitarist for Ziggy Marley, who has also worked with me as guitarist/producer on many of my existing titles such as “To Jah Only” and “Tell It Like It Is”.
  • Young artist/producer/beatmaker Rivah Jordan of SK Music will also be heavily involved, as we’ve been making music together since 2011. Collaborations withother artists are also in the plan.

All of the music will be recorded in Ocho Rios, Jamaica – where I live, hometown of the No 1 reggae radio Irie FM and where we have a long, rich legacy of roots music - most notably from Burning Spear, Justin Hinds and legendary producer/sound system owner “Jack (Lawrence Lindo) Ruby” plus new roots reggae artists like Chezidek. Distribution is lined up by Tad’s Records, a record distribution and publishing company based in Kingston, Jamaica. Tad’s Records has been in the music business for over 30 years and boasts a catalog showcasing many of the top names in reggae and dancehall music.

HERE’S WHERE I NEED YOUR HELP! - It’s expensive to make an album, and record labels have really been taking a back seat in funding projects (this is actually a good thing for musical creativity).

We set our goal to reflect the minimum amount needed to record the album, including:

- STUDIO TIME & SPACE (for professional state of the art recording, mixing and mastering)

- PRODUCTION (Producers & Musicians: laying of tracks and Overdubs)

MILESTONES - But if If we exceed our goal, we'll be glad to invest the surplus to cover additional expenses for promotion and radio support:

- $ 8.000 - Make 2 videos

- $ 10.000 - Hire a publicist team

- $ 15.000 - Tv and Radio promo


1. Donate, donate, donate! (And reap the beautiful gifts in this page)

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