Campaign to raise funds for the recording of the second full-length album by technical death metal band Defect Designer from Oslo, Norway.

Help Defect Designer raise funds for the second album recording!!!

Defect Designer is Oslo-based technical death metal band originally coming from Siberian part of Russia (Novosibirsk city, Akademgorodok). The band has one full-length album "Wax" and we have made a long way to record it getting to Hertz Studio, Poland (Behemoth, Decapitated, Vader) from the very heart of Siberia (oh, it was a long way). 

In 2012 mainman/songwriter relocated to Oslo, Norway and reestablished the music act. Now as a lot of time has passed, we need your support to do the second release so it makes some major noise!! 

The music is composed, the studio is booked, but to be sure and to finish the deal we need your support to reach supreme quality in production!!

 Defect Designer is the first band ever to get endorsed by Guitar Pro. We also are endorsed by a line of wold-famous brands as Seymour Duncan, Mayones Guitars, Spector basses, G-Lab, Providence Cables, Saluda Cymbals, SIT Strings, In Tune Guitar Picks, Krank Amps (RIP), Guitar Pro, Agner Drumsticks, D16, Liszko Straps, Cympad, Peterson Tuners

 We need your support to do the second professional and ire record! 

The lineup on the new recording is amazing and if you are a fan of extreme metal, it is very likely that the names on the record are familiar to you, maybe you have them on your CD-shelf! 



Songwriter comes from Russia, band is based in Norway, as for recording, the drums are done in Canada in October by the drummer you know, guitars are done in Greece, and then we finish with bass and vocals, add sampling/orchestration by end of December, mix it in Greece and then master in a place we'll tell later. 


Some details on where the funds go:

  • We need (much) more than announced sum but this would already be extremely helpful to us!
  • We did great distance to do the first record, the second is going to be bigger by all means!!
  • We won't spend any of the funds on non-record related things, - all only for the recording! The more you give, the more we give back



You are the one who can influence the project, become a part of it, so please help us to start it! 


  Other ways You Can Help is sharing this!!!

We would be happy to get any support you can grant us, we would be extremely grateful if you share this link, tell your friends:

  • Ask folks to get the word out and make some noise about our campaign.!
  • Post this in your blog or twitter, on your website! 
  • Use share tools!


Help us and we'll never forget this! All music is already designed, we just need to Defect it now :)

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  • Ivan Kosenkov
  • Tommy Mikalsen
  • Andrey Leontyev
  • Daniil Kazantsev
  • Yasha Ova
  • Dmitry Mirzayan
  • Andrei Pottosin
  • Dmitriy Vershinin
  • Susan Campbell
  • Elena Bashkeeva
  • Anna Elagina
  • Vadim Shashenko
  • Victor Komarov
  • Yulia Ovsyannikova
  • Nick Kalinichev
  • Kirill Skorobogatov
  • Valentin Simonov
  • Yulia Ovsyannikova
  • Michael Shekhtman
  • Mariia Mamonova
  • Andrey Pottosin

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