E' arrivato il momento di farti conoscere!


Finanzia il tuo videoclip con Musicraiser e potresti andare in onda su MTV!

MTV New Generation, il progetto multimediale di MTV che dà la possibilità alle nuove leve della Musica Italiana di mostrare il proprio talento on line e on air.

Registrati sul sito di MTV New Generation, crea un tuo profilo o quello della tua band e segnalaci i link dei tuoi videoclip che hai caricato su Youtube, Vimeo o altri siti consultabili dalla nostra redazione: il tuo progetto sonoro potrebbe avere visibilità immediata sulla piattaforma web di MTV New Generation e il video andare in onda in alta rotazione su MTV Music (ch.67 del DTT) al pari dei Big della Musica mondiale.
Un mare di altre opportunità ti si potrebbero aprire, come quella di suonare sul palco di un evento firmato MTV!!!

E’ un’occasione concreta per chi è giovane e ha stoffa per mettersi in gioco.
Una “chiamata alle armi” per artisti emergenti ed esordienti con o senza contratto, per chi ha talento e passione per Musica.

Se non hai ancora un video clip, crea una campagna con Musicraiser per finanziarlo, basta proporlo nel form qui sotto.

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Pinguini tattici nucleari
"Musicraiser helped us produce our third album.
We wanted to make a great product, make the fans somehow participate and at the same time keep all those freedoms that often come less if you have a record deal. Musicraiser has helped us in all this, and we are grateful!"
Accordi disaccordi
"We decided to release our fourth album involving all the fans who have always followed and supported us. The decision of using Musicraiser was therefore automatic and turned out to be a wonderful experience!"
"Musicraiser was the medium that allowed me to go to the studio and make a dream come true! Without Musicraiser I would not have been able to finance my album and I would not be here waiting impatiently for everyone to listen to it! If, to date, I had written enough songs to make another album... I would start all over again and I would do another campaign immediately!"
Icio Caravita
"Thanks to Musicraiser the songs of my second album have found life, and that is something not to underestimate.
A crowdfunding campaign requires sacrifice, dedication and perseverance, but it was a great way to involve all my fanbase and believe me... the satisfactionbr of "success" is amplified!"
Vat Vat Vat
"We found in Musicraiser the perfect synthesis of what we needed in order to capitalize all the efforts made in the early years as musicians. We did well, we did it at the right time and we would do it again in the near future with even more audacious goals."
Jangy Leeon
"Excellent experience from a professional point of view! As well as introducing my artistic project to the many music industry professionals registered on the platform, Musicraiser has allowed me to widen my audience to many people who did not know me and to fund an album that otherwise I could not produce! Going back, it would be a path that I would like to redo 100%!"
Vocal Excess
"Thanks to Musicraiser our chorus of 100 voices has accomplished its rock mission: we have indeed managed to finance and produce our first CD thanks to the participation of the numerous raisers involved in our campaign!"
Cucina sonora
"Working with Musicraiser made possible the production of my album "Evasione". Interfacing with these professionals and new fans has been stimulating and made me grow in many ways!"
Fabrizio Tavernelli
"With Musicraiser I shared all the journeys of my artistic mission. In these missions it is necessary to be visionaries, to proceed in spite of everything, despite the rough paths. Musicraiser is a solid platform on which I built three albums, a triptych, a trilogy, a ramp for other dimensions. The last time I also used the Accelerator. Highly recommended!"

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