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6 Things You Shouldn’t Do When Painting Your Home

For most people, painting the rooms in their home is a process that is quite daunting and time-consuming, not to mention that it can also be quite stressful for everyone involved. Hopefully, you won’t need to undertake such a project frequently, however, when you do, you might be worried about whether or not you’re doing everything properly.

Fortunately, you’re not the only one wondering about the exact same thing, which is why you might find the article below to be quite helpful and beneficial for you. Let’s take a closer look at the list of 6 things you must avoid and shouldn’t do when working on the rooms in your house:

1. You Need to Avoid Applying White Shades to The Ceilings


The largest wall in the rooms in your house is actually one that is most commonly overlooked – the ceilings which most people choose to paint white. However, you might want to avoid doing this, especially since all white colors have a little bit of gray in them, which can easily take the entire room down.

Instead of painting it flat white, you should look for shades that are neutral and creamy. Besides this, you could also choose beige or gray, especially since it’ll allow the area to look spacious, instead of making it look smaller. Remember, colors will refresh any area instantly, so, ensure that you choose them wisely.

2. Don’t Try to Match Everything

If you’re, for example, working on your kitchen or living room, it could be quite tempting to match every single detail. For instance, you might want to match the colors of your walls to your kitchen counters or the sofa you have, however, you should seriously think twice before doing so.

Why? Well, you should definitely avoid matching the wall to certain elements in the space, mostly because it will come off as strong. Instead of doing this, you might want to choose a “grayed-out” version of the shade you’re thinking about using, especially since it’ll perfectly work with all the elements and decorations you have.

3. Forgetting About The Lighting is a Huge Mistake


Like everything else, colors can and probably will change quite a lot depending on the light, and in most situations, this is something that a lot of individuals overlook. This is why you must ensure that you test them in the area you’re working on both in artificial light and daylight, depending on the rooms you use every day and at any time.

According to the experts from, the most common mistake people make is thinking that painting a small dark area in a lighter shade will make it look and feel differently, however, it won’t. Instead, it’ll most likely make it feel dull and boring. So, when choosing the hues, test them out in all situations, conditions, and environments.

4. Never Rush Such a Project

Since you might be planning on going through the entire process by yourself, you shouldn’t rush it.

In fact, painting professionals, Sidepost, recommend that you begin with something smaller. Hence, you should, for example, start by covering a smaller wall. This will allow you to enjoy what you’re doing and it’ll also allow you to see whether or not you actually like the shade.

You should never skip the undercoating or priming stages, and more importantly, you must ensure that you clean all the surfaces and prepare them to be worked on. If you ask any expert out there, they’ll probably tell you that they spend more time preparing the area than they actually spend working on it. Keep in mind, the more you prepare the area, the better the outcome will be.

5. Don’t Paint Samples Close to Each Other


Of course, purchasing tester paint before you purchase larger quantities is a must, however, applying them close to one another won’t be helpful at all. Why? Well, you’ll want to see how the shade looks when it’s on its own, isolated from other shades, hence, you should take a different approach to test out the shades.

You should get some old wallpaper or a huge piece of cardboard and paint as much of the surface as you can with the testers. Then you can simply use some tape to stick it to the wall, and once you do, you’ll get a better picture of how it’ll look like when the entire surface is covered.

Additionally, you should remember that you can move the piece of cardboard or wallpaper from one point to the next, which basically means that you’ll get a better understanding of how it’ll look in different areas of the room. Also, you won’t need to repaint the lines or squares you made, which can save you a lot of time.

6. Not Caring About Your Preferences

The shades and colors you like are personal things, hence, you should always care about your preferences more, instead of allowing current trends and opinions to influence your decision. For instance, you might think that pink is terrible, however, the reality is, it works for some people.

This is why you must ensure that you determine which colors work for you, but more importantly, you should determine how they make you feel, hence, you’ll want to take a few moments and really consider all the characteristics of certain shades. You could look at the decorations, furniture, or even your favorite pictures to get an idea of what might work for you best.

Of course, this is something that will make the entire project a bit more time-consuming, however, it’s really important and worth doing, especially since you’ll probably decorate your house when you’re done. Keep in mind, when you determine what you like, you’ll decrease the chances of opting for a color that will make you feel uncomfortable.


Though painting the rooms in your house can be quite time-consuming and complex, it could be a project that will allow you to decorate your rooms as you want. And, if you choose to keep the tips we mentioned in mind, you won’t only make the entire process easier, but, you’ll also ensure that you choose the right colors and that you paint your walls properly.

So, now that you’re aware of all the mistakes you must avoid making, you might not want to lose any more of your time. Instead, you should go through the article above one more time, and then open up your browser and start looking for some ideas of what you could do when painting the rooms in your home.