5 Novelty Gifts For Kids You Might Not Have Thought Of – 2023 Guide

Gifting children on special occasions is normal. But if your kid has overflowing gifts in their bedroom, coming up with a novelty gift can be difficult. Kids are adventurers creatures whose creativity needs nurturing. When you gift them unique and cool gifts, you help them be more intelligent and creative.

Unfortunately, there are many kids’ novelty gifts on the internet, that finding the right one may be difficult. But if you visit sites like Blossom Costumes, you’ll find a vast array of gifts you can buy for your kid.

This article highlights some novelty gift ideas for kids that you may never have thought of before.

1. Automated Controlled Paper Plane

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Paper planes have tremendously grown in recent years. This gift requires your kid to use their creativity in developing a paper plane then control them with a smartphone.

They’re created from durable and crash-proof materials that make them last longer. Moreover, they’re a better option than bulky remote control planes and helicopters. Their Bluetooth technology transforms them into motorized machines. If you have older children, they can learn basic aerodynamic principles from these planes. They can fly for ten minutes within a 55-meter range.

Teachers can also use this plane to teach physics. That’s because it has all the STEAM components (Science, Tech, Engineering, Art, Math. This combination allows students to learn the fundamentals of aerodynamics. This plane should be kept away from children under three years because it contains small parts that may choke kids if swallowed.

2. Construction Utensils And Plates

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Construction utensils and plates are unique gifts that can encourage your children to eat their dinner. It enables them to view dinner as a construction site of some sort. After some time, you may notice them arranging their food in some pattern.

They come with a front loader spoon, folk lift, and bulldozer pusher that’ll encourage your kid to have healthy eating habits. They’re designed with lightweight, rugged, and easy-to-grip handles to promote play. You can buy different sets of these utensils.

When buying these toys, you should ensure that they come with all the parts. Some plates come in a complete set, while others are sold separately. The best thing about them is that they can be bought for kids who’re as young as one year old.

Apart from using them to encourage your child to eat their food, you can use them to teach them about the machines found in construction sites such as bulldozers. You never know; they might just become obsessed with construction.

3. Garden Magical Cottage

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The garden magical cottage is a set of toys that’ll encourage your kids to grow a garden and teach them how to plant. The box comes complete with everything that kids need to start planting.

It features the story of a charming fairy girl who made a flower pot and grew some seeds. It’ll make your kid grow and water a natural garden. It also features a cottage that your child can assemble and decorate. Using their toys, they can open the doors and play or rest on the balcony.

The full set comes with a flower pot cottage, lily pad, mushroom chimney, wind spinner, ladybug house, seeds, and a tea set.

Some cottages also come with an open bottom that can allow your kid to make a stream. As they add water to the cottage, the excess water flows down into a barrel that they can use to water their garden. This set also comes with a bug house that can be placed on top of the cottage to provide shelter for ladybugs.

4. Toddler’s Ambulance And Medical Kits

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These toys feature an ambulance with several medical pieces of equipment that your kid requires to make their patient comfortable and healthy. The ambulance has flashing lights and sounds and changes directions every time it hits something.

Its designers created it to help children understand how ambulances rescue and help patients. The ambulance has batteries that enable it to self-drive when switched to drive mode.

Its stop and play mode will open its back to a patient who’s ready for examination. Both the patient and the driver can be removed to encourage imaginative play. In the ambulance, your kid will find a tongue depressor, syringe, thermometer, and autoscope.

This gift will also teach your kid medical knowledge and how to use various medical instruments.

The buttons on the ambulance aren’t only used to the flashlight, but they can also simulate heartbeats and coughing sounds. You can buy it as a birthday, Christmas, or holiday gift.

Also, the driving process is complemented by not only beautiful lights but also moving music. If your kids don’t want the sounds, they can turn them off and still do other activities. This toy is a bit expensive but quite affordable.

5. Buildable Sunshine Suffer Van

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If your child is a fan of LEGO, they’ll love this toy set. It enables them to create the camper van that they would use to go camping next to the beach. After they’ve built the van, they’ll be required to load it for surfing. It can be built into a suffer van, a lifeguard tower, and a beachy buggy.

It also has a detailed interior. If you pull back the van’s roof and its side section, it’ll feature a kitchenette, TV, and fold-down bed. The van’s roof rack also has a table, parasol, surfboard, chair, and a fold-away sun lounger that your kid may require for a beach trip.

The seats and parasol can be set out for barbeque grilling. Inside the van are two LEGO mini-figures: a man and woman who’re dressed for summer adventures. The height of the van makes it suitable for kids between the ages of 4-8. However, it’s advisable to buy this toy as a gift for children who’re creative enough and can put together building sets.

Final Words

There are numerous toys and novelty gifts that you can buy for your kid. The beauty of such gifts is that they encourage creativity. Also, you can give them to kids during birthdays, Christmas, or other holiday events. Before you buy any of these gifts, it’s advisable to consider the age and the creativity level of the kids you intend to gift.