Top 10 Myths About Casinos Some People Believe To Be True

Many people have never visited a casino in their lives and they assume what they have seen in movies is the truth. However, movies are over dramatized to make scenes more interesting and don’t necessarily depict the truth. Others think of casinos as shady establishments where only criminals go, which is also far away from the truth.

In this article, we are going to discuss 10 casino myths and we will bust them all!

1. There is a black-tie dress code in all casinos


This myth clearly comes from movies like Casino Royale or the Hangover. While most casinos appreciate it if you dress up a black-tie outfit is rarely enforced by casinos. The dress code can depend on the casino. For example, in Sweden’s Cosmopol casinos the dress code is smart casual but in Las Vegas you can walk into most casino hotels wearing shorts and a T-shirt.

Nevertheless, if dressing up is really not your thing, you will always be safe when playing online. We list a long list of casinos on All of the casinos on our list accept players from Sweden and you can play in your underwear or PJs if you like.

2. Card counters are beaten up

Again, we have seen this happen in movies; for example, in 21. While card counting is certainly not appreciated by casinos, according to the belief they don’t hire goons to beat up people who practice card counting. You might be asked to leave the casino though. Hollywood actor, Ben Affleck is banned from the Hard Rock casino because he was caught counting cards.

3. Casinos rig the roulette wheel

This might have been the practice in the casino underworld where gangsters ruled Las Vegas. Nowadays both brick and mortar and online casinos have to adhere to strict regulations and both the games and the casinos are audited regularly by the gambling authority of the country they are situated in or registered at.

4. You can win with betting systems


In games of chance such as roulette, craps, baccarat or bingo no strategy will work. They might help you manage your bankroll better but, in these games, you will win when luck is on your side and lose when it isn’t. Strategy in games like poker and blackjack is an entirely different thing and with perfect strategy you can reduce the house edge in these games to as low as it is possible.

5. Online gambling is illegal

People who don’t follow current trends might honestly think that gambling online is illegal but the truth is that the legislation depends on each country. It is true that in Saudi Arabia and a handful of Middle Eastern countries online casinos are not allowed to operate but in most of the Western world, regulated online casinos can work perfectly legally. In Sweden, any casino that is registered in a gambling jurisdiction can operate legally.

6. The best paying out slots are placed at the entrance of the casino

This is a casino myth that is believed by so many. There isn’t a very big difference between one slot and another when it comes to payouts. The reason why people think that the ones by the entrance pay better is simply, that a lot of people play on those machines so a big win is more likely to happen there and surely when it does, a lot of people will notice it.

7. Big winners get special treatment – free rooms or dinners


In fact, it is quite the opposite. High-rollers – or in casino terms: whales – who are known to the casino often get free perks but it is for the reason that they are spending – losing – large sums. If you buy chips for $100.000 dollars the chances are that you will experience some special treatment but if you keep winning huge sums all the time the casino will rather set a betting limit for you than offer you freebies.

8. All online casinos are secure sites

Unfortunately, this is not the case. Some casinos don’t have a license so there is no guarantee that their games are fair. Or you might win some money only never to be paid out to you. You should only deposit money to a casino if you have made sure that it is legit; you should read third-party reviews of the site and check their licensing information – usually located at the bottom of their landing page.

9. On certain days slot machines pay out more

Slot machine spins are truly random both in online casinos and land-based ones. This means that every spin has an equal chance to win and this does not depend on previous spins. Casinos don’t manipulate their slot machines so that they would pay out more over the weekend or in the evenings. If you have noticed this pattern it is only because many more people play on weekends and evenings so the chance of a win is higher.

10. Every so often you will get a flush in poker


When you watch movies, people often get a Full House or a Royal Flush. This is again just to make the movie more interesting. But the probability of a Royal Flush is 649.739: 1. And this means that most likely you will never have one in your life.


Hopefully, now you know more about casinos and their myth and you won’t believe everything you see on tv or hear people speculate and gossip about.