Watch For These Music Room Décor Ideas

Music is an important part of our lives. If you’re a musician or a music lover, you may feel like giving your home or a room a little music-themed makeover.

The idea sounds exciting. With such a room, you can immerse yourself in the world of music at any time you want.

Here’s the list of must-have items required to give your room a perfect music taste:

Guitar Wall Mounts


Guitarists out there! We bet you have at least one guitar in your house. Well, you can use that to decorate your new music room in the home.

Guitar wall mounts do not just help store your guitars safely. A stylish guitar wall mount also adds to your home décor. Lying up off the floor, kids cannot knock them, and they keep adding a visual appeal to your space.

Even if you don’t own the instrument, you can get one from music stores or a department store. This instrument is sure to lend your space an authentic musical charm.

Music-Themed Wall Art

What’s better at inspiring yourself than having music-themed wall art? The artwork can feature your favorite music instrument or a famous figure from the industry. It can also feature a motivating quote that keeps inspiring you.

This cool ElephantStock collection of music-themed wall art pieces caters to all tastes and preferences. Browse it and find something really awesome for the music room in your home.

For additional charm, you can surround the wall art with your favorite photographs or other décor accents.

Actual Instruments


Let’s be honest! If you want to decorate your room the music way, you don’t have to be a musician.

You can get some actual musical instruments and place them all in the room of your home. Just imagine a room packed with shiny instruments that are ready to go. Sounds cool, no?

Even a cheap acoustic guitar can add life to even an ordinary room. This room can serve as a great place for impromptu jam sessions, songwriting spells, practice sessions, and more creative things.

While you should have your instruments ready to go, some are best stored in cases or cupboards. And, the self-curated music room makes the best house for them.

Don’t just have the instruments you play. You can include a wide range of musical instruments. Create a space that looks inviting and feels comfortable.

There should be new instruments that are readily accessible so that you can quickly pick any to learn something new.

Transformed Instruments

Are you looking for a unique, hip and eco-friendly way to make your room look musically awesome? Transformed instruments can make your space look super cool while adding to its functionality.

Have you got an old drum kit but don’t use it anymore? Get creative and turn the drums into tables and stools. What about an old acoustic guitar placed past it? This could hold CDs or even be used as a table.

You can transform instruments like drums, pianos, cellos, ukuleles, etc., into artistic, functional furniture pieces. Have you got an old clarinet? Why not convert it into a nice new vase.

Exotic Instruments


Add a few exotic musical instruments to your room to add interest and welcoming warmth.

Do you love to travel? If so, next time you embark on a tour, grab a regional music instrument. Many exotic nations have percussion instruments that you can get at affordable prices. What’s more, you may even get some interesting string or woodwind instruments. That’s all based on the travel destination you hit.

While you might not start playing these instruments too often in the beginning, they may work excellent as conversation starters.

So, in addition to your music room, you can get one for your living space or guest room for an authentic, arty feel. To be honest, traditional instruments are great fun to play.


Have you ever tried or thought of indoor plants in your music room? Try these now! They will make your space look outdoorsy by adding a natural, homely touch.

What’s more, plants also serve as additional sound absorbers. The larger the surface area your plant has, the better a sound absorber it becomes. Big, fleshy leaves of plants do well when it comes to soaking up sound. This is because of their variable surface area.

When we talk about the placement of plants, choose small ones to dot around the room’s edges. It will increase the surface area of your plants while ensuring that it’s absorbing them before escaping the room or studio.

CDs and Vinyl


Showcase your unique audio collection by investing in CD racks and bookcases. You can even get some purpose-built vinyl shelves to adorn your music room even more.

Let some framed vinyl float on the wall to make the space look really cool. Choose ones with attractive or your favorite covers. If you possess some rare vinyl, it’s a great space to showcase it in full grace.

When you frame vinyl album art, make sure you remove the disc to avoid getting it warped. If you frame the disc also, make sure you keep it out of direct sunlight.


Have you got a good budget? Soundproof your music room! If you want to play or listen to music disturbing others around you, it’s good to invest in soundproofing materials. And, the best material for this purpose is foam.

Soundproofing materials dampen the sound and enable you to record exactly what you want to. At the same time, it makes your space look inviting and cool. A pocket-friendly way to reduce the music echoes is to stick egg boxes on your room’s walls. While this is a reasonable alternative, it’s not too aesthetically pleasing.

If your goal with soundproofing is only to stop sound from escaping the room, the best bet is to stick some thick rugs on walls. This especially applies to door cracks, over windows and anywhere the sound might escape through.

Final Tips

Do you have kids in the home? Your creative room can be a great learning place for them. So, add in some musical instrument that your little ones could play. Who knows they turn out to be great musicians?