8 Most Recognizable Brand Logos In The World

Having strong branding is crucial for every business. That is the way for creating improved communication with potential clients and making your company easily recognizable. Keep in mind that the competition today is challenging in almost every industry, which means that marketing strategy requires constant improvements.

One of the key aspects of a proper marketing plan is to create a unique logo that will represent the face of your business. Besides the plain picture you will use as a logo, you should create a unique set of colors that you will apply in your commercials, social media pages, and more.

Choosing the right logo can be quite difficult. The first thing to do is to check your rivals and focus on the values that your company is sharing. Also, pay special attention to design, colors, and uniqueness. There is no reason to focus only on objects and terms that are related to your business. It could be a simple letter, some object, or an attractive combination of them.

The best way to make the right choice is to learn more about marketing and check what other companies are using as their logos. Therefore, we are going to introduce you to some of the most popular brands in the world and the pictures they are using to get easily recognized.

1.  Apple


It is not difficult to understand why the choice of this company is the best move they could have for their marketing strategy. They have chosen the image of an apple that is bitten on the side, which is directly related to the name of this company.

Also, it is interesting how this brand was changing the details of the logo over time, which is related to improvements in technology and current trends. For instance, the main reason why the logo from 77″ was in rainbow details is that that was the time when the first screen with colors was introduced.

The design was also changing by following the digital improvements and uniqueness. For example, the main reason why the most recent outline is so basic is the fact that people today prefer minimalism.

2. Google


This company doesn’t need an introduction since they are the leader among search engines for a very long time. They weren’t adding many changes except for some minor improvements related to fonts and the appearance of the letters.

However, the most interesting thing is that they are applying certain changes to the logo every day, which you can check on the main page of this website. They are following the most recent events, history dates, and more.

3. LG


This company is another proof that simplicity is the right choice when you are choosing the logo. A simple circle with the letters L and G inside of it makes it easy for anyone to know that this company is involved.

They also made some changes over time like many other companies. In most cases, the changes are related to digital improvements. Moreover, you should know that researching popular companies and your rivals can be very important. In that matter, you should check out

4. Mercedes Benz


When you see this logo, the first thing you will notice is that it does not have any relation with the name of this company or the car industry. However, it is related to the history of this company. They were known as a manufacturer that was producing engines and propellers for airplanes more than 100 years ago. After they focused solely on vehicles, they decided to keep the logo, and that was the right move since it stands for amazing features and elegance, which are attributes of their cars.

5. Coca Cola


This company decided to use its name in the logo. However, what makes it so unique is the outline and background applied. The popular red and white can be easily recognizable. Today, whenever there is content that contains a combination of red, white, and black, the first thought of many people would be that Coca-Cola is behind that. According to proper marketing plan, another reason to check the marketing moves of this company is to understand how branding and sharing a lot of ads can be a good thing.

6. Nike


The logo of this company is present for over 50 years. It is quite simple but the main value is that it can represent different values, such as speed, motion, ups and downs, running, and all other terms related to sneakers and sportswear. The power of this logo is that this company doesn’t need any introduction today except sharing this sign.

7. Fed Ex


Many people might think that this is another simple combination of letters used for the picture that will represent the image of the company. However, if you check more carefully, you will notice an arrow that is showing to the right between letters X and E. That symbol stands for the ability of this company to deliver packages always at the right time.

8. Target


The choice of this company was the best move since it is quite simple and unique at the same time. The image stands for the name of this company, representing the target colored in red and white. In that matter, it is simple to add it in different types of content, ads on buildings, commercials, and products.

The Bottom Line

There are many other great examples of how companies managed to create images that made them even more popular and easily recognizable. As you can see, there are some similarities among them, along with some differences that make each one of them unique. You should use the same strategy when you are creating the logo for your business.

Also, there is no reason to focus on one option, like using the name of your company or symbol that would be related to it. The point is to choose something unique and attractive that will make people connect it to your business or the products you are selling.