9 Michael Jackson Short-Films to Watch If You Are Self-Isolated

Breaking racial barriers to giving social messages and to entertain through adventure and thriller, Jackson was all in one. Self-isolated? Check out 9 short flicks of Michael Jackson, which amalgamated with music, science-fiction, fantasy, and horror.

1. This is It (2009)

It was made with the blend of fans’ emotions and MJ final days on stage, termed as a documentary short concert film, also the most controversial musical documentary cemented with profits and politics. According to the chart, This is it is the highest-grossing documentary of all time.

2. Michael Jackson’s Ghosts (1996)

This single short film features five varying roles of Jackson played by himself, making him the first music artist to do so. The original screenplay, directed by Stan Winston, and written by Stephen King, helped BOTDF: HIStory in the Mix to become best selling album in the remix category in the history of the music industry.

3. Captain EO (1986)

Back in the 80s to 90s, Captain EO was the heartthrob of Disneyland, it was featured some of the worlds’ best theme parks of Disney. The sc-fi was made in 3D with cost around 1.76 million dollars for per-minute shoot, total factual budget $23.7 million, causing it one of the most expensive short films out there.

4. Michael Jackson: Moonwalker (1988)

Moonwalker is no shorter than an action Hollywood commercial film. It’s one and a half hours contains one of the most iconic music videos including “Smooth Criminal”, “Speed Demon” and live performances and a cover “Come Together” by The Beatles.

5. Michael Jackson: Thriller (1983)

This short flick requires no introduction, as one of the greatest music videos that revolutionized the pop culture, and also became the foremost tool of success it’s Thriller album, making it one of the best-selling albums of all time.

6. The Wiz (1978) – Watch Now

This musical movie was partially made to attract African-American and black people. Starring all the black casts, it was failed to entertain the audience. But it remained cult classic due to MJ’s popularly, and it’s director wonderful contribution towards black people community.

7. Dangerous: The Short Films (1993)

The Film stars iconic figures like Michael Jordan, Noami Campbell, Macaulay Culkin, Janet Jackson alongside MJ itself. And if you are a fan of such videography like “Black or White”, “Jam”, “Heal The World”, then this film is for you.

8. You Rock My World (2001)

Probably the final short film by Jackson and a promotional tool of his last album Invincible before his death. The video stars some of the famous artists including Marlon Brando, Michael Madsen, and Chris Tucker. In this film Jackson can be seen wearing a blazer and hat, approaching a woman that he finds attractive.

9. Bad (1986)

Bad glances the “West Side Story” (1961), directed by Martin Scorsese and written by Richard Price. It also helped in the success of Bad album. Jackson’s black outfits in the video have been praised by a generation of fashion, and many other element combinations, making it one of the greatest videos of all time.