Top 10 Best Michael Jackson Dancing Songs

Michael Jackson aka the king of pop is known for his energetic songs that even still today cause an adrenaline rush. Besides being the singer he is, we also know him as a magnificent dancer. MJ brought a remarkable combination of music and dance; even to this day, his talent is unmatched. In various music videos and in concerts, we have seen the superstar pull off the MoonWalk, one of the most sophisticated dance moves of all time. It is very natural for an artist of his caliber to create music that’d be a masterpiece in both musical levels and in the field of dance. That’s why in this article we will discuss the dancing songs of Michael Jackson.

10. Blood on The Dance Floor

Released in 1997, the song “Blood on the Dance Floor” is a proper dance song. MJ tells the audience rather warns the audience about a girl or certain category of girl who can finish you yet you are unable to give her up. The persuasive heart driven by uncapped emotion can draw you through relentless suffering, that’s what the artist has expressed through his words. And in the music video, one can see Michael dance on the beats making it another one of his super hit singles.

9. Blame It On The Boogie

Michael Jackson recorded the song as a member of The Jackson 5, the famous band of the ’70s. Though MJ was merely a teenager then, it was reflecting in his expression that he would be a great artist. “B.I.O.T.B.” was another confirmation to that sign. Though it was a cover song originally written by Mick Jackson, the brothers had modified the song. In their version, it became a rock n roll with an enthusiastic music video.

8. P.Y.T.

The third song of the list is P.Y.T., yet another dance number. The song talks about a mysteriously hot lady who seems to have impressed the artist. As a result, the creation of the song and it gained huge popularity at that time.

7. Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough

This is a song that has fierce appeal concealed within it. The fast-paced song can drag anyone to the dance floor. Released in 1979, the single was recorded in the early days of Jackson and granted him the first Grammy of his life.

6. Rock With You

Jackson is known for his versatility, the “Rock With You” is proof of that. It has the essence of an appeal that the artist is making towards a lady and asking her to float in the moment and dance. Because there is no power to defeat the attraction of dance. True indeed, it seems like MJ has spoken of his heart through the lines of the song.

5. Slave to the Rhythm

Coming at number five we have another song that would make you dance without any second thought. Have you ever felt like you are a slave to the rhythm? Well, Jackson has portrayed a woman here, who besides her common life is a slave to the rhythm. MJ is brave enough to stand by those women who serve her family silently, without any questions, and yet lives through hell.

4. Smooth Criminal

MJ’s Bad is still one of the most famous albums of pop music, there’s no doubt about it. Being a part of the album, Smooth Criminal is a song one likes to listen to and dance to the beats. It’s a story of a woman, who is struck by a man, a deadly strike. The artist wants to know if she is alright but there is no response. Such a dramatic environment only can be created in a song by Michael Jackson.

3. You Rock My World

Have you ever seen a girl and you became desperate for her? You wanted to get her so badly that you were ready to give everything up? If yes then it is the song for you. The artist sees a girl who is going rock his world and he challenges his friend to get her. The energy, the sheer joyfulness of the song makes it appropriate for any occasion to dance.

2. Billie Jean

Billie Jean is a historical song with so many records and accolades that the song itself feels like a legend. You can dance in this song even break the dancefloor if needed, after all this was the song where MJ performed his first Moonwalk in the year 1983.

1. They Don’t Care About Us

And here is the number one song on our list. “They Don’t Care About Us” is a song that conveys the message of an unregulated society, where some people in authority don’t care, so do whatever you want. To see it from a critical perspective, Jackson conveyed his disgrace to modern society and it’s so-called regulation. It’s a perfect weekend song to dance as if there is no tomorrow. The amalgamation of kicks and drums in the song will dance all day and night.