How Do I Make Sure My Essay Is Not Plagiarized?

Essay writing is a challenge for many people in the academic world. Many students do not know where to start or how to write it. To copy and paste an essay as an assignment seems very convenient for students under constant academic pressure. Nevertheless, it is not the right way.


The common question is, what is plagiarism? Plagiarism is copying or presenting someone else’s work as your own. It does not matter if you have their consent or not; if you have not done it yourself, it qualifies as plagiarism. It is frowned upon in all academic circles, as you take advantage of other’s efforts instead of learning yourself. Every college employs some software to check plagiarism, and if it detected, then a student gets an automatic F. The following tips will help you avoid plagiarism.

1. Order a customized paper

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As a college student, you may prefer to pay someone to write your paper. The risk is that you may receive a plagiarized paper. So, to avoid this issue with online services, make sure to order a completely customized paper. is one of the best custom writing services. All you need to do is order a paper and provide instructions. Try to make these instructions as detailed as you can so that the requirements are met.

2. Plagiarism report

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If you choose to hire someone to write an essay for you, then make sure to demand a plagiarism report. The writer will run your document through plagiarism software that will generate the report. The report is attached with the essay, so you have proof of authenticity. If any part is copied, you will know immediately and can request a change or revision.

When choosing a cheap essay writing service, always choose the one that offers a complimentary report or a money-back guarantee. The refund policy is a safety precaution that makes sure you do not get scammed for your money. In addition to this, if a hire someone to write my paper website offers a full refund, it shows confidence in the writer’s capabilities.

3. Track all your sources

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If you do not hire writers and write the paper yourself, you need to make sure you know where you are getting your information. Many students will research a topic thoroughly and note down relevant points, but not the sources. Consequently, when you write a paper, you will forget to list down the sources you have used. It is unintentional but still a form of plagiarism, and you can lose a grade. The trick to avoiding this problem is to make neat and organized notes. When you jot down research points next to your outline headings. The source can be a;

  • Website,
  • Journal article,
  • Magazine,
  • Book.

4. Quotations and paraphrasing

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A student may prefer to write for me and not employ writers. If you do so, then you need to understand the concept of quotations and paraphrasing. When you are writing an academic document, it is unavoidable to use other’s work to help strengthen your arguments. You cannot keep your paper wholly isolated. At this point, you need to understand how to use other academic contributions.

If you are using someone’s exact words, then make sure to add them in quotation marks. You may try to write the name of the person as well. For example, William Shakespeare said, “All that glitters is not gold”.

The second method is paraphrasing. You rephrase what the person has said in your words and elaborate on it, but you always give credit by using their names or book names.

5. Citations and references

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Using someone else’s work in your paper is acceptable if you give credit where it is due. Plagiarism is passing off a person’s idea as your own but not using their argument to help your stance. It means that when quoting someone or paraphrase their work, you should add in-text citations as well. The citations immediately inform the reader about who the original writer is.

The citations should always match with the references at the end. Sometimes, you may use diagrams or tables that do not require in-text citations. For these items, you will add the references at the end of the document.

6. Plagiarism Checker

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After writing the document, keeping in mind all the paraphrasing, quoting and referencing methods, you need to do one final check. Many students will unintentionally plagiarize as well. If caught by the professor, your grade suffers. So, before you submit your paper, you can run it through a plagiarism checker. Many websites offer free plagiarism detection software, and they will highlight the areas. You can make the required changes.

Bonus: most common ways for students to avoid detection of plagiarism.

Letter substitution

Letter substitution refers to the use of repeated letters from other languages. For example, students take someone else’s work and replace the letters “o”, “e”, “a” and “c” with the same looking Cyrillic letters “о”, “е”, “а” and “с” and then present it as their own. In this way, they can fool the primary plagiarism check.

Creating links

Some students include non-existent or irrelevant references in their work instead of taking the time to find the correct reference. For example, a student writes an essay about Romeo and Juliet, but instead of citing an appropriate review of the work, he or she makes up a false reference or gives the real reference with a false page number. The student provides references that may be related to the topic but may contain unsubstantiated or unfounded ideas that the student associates with the reference.

Adding white text

Sometimes, students add unique white text to cover up plagiarism. They add different marks and spaces in white so that the teacher will not notice them. Even the most basic plagiarism checks will not find them.

Change the format

Creative students sometimes submit their work in the form of pictures so that the instructor cannot check it with anti-plagiarism software. The lecturer can still read and grade it, but cannot check it with any software. Therefore, lecturers will specify the format they want for their papers.

Essay writing is a daunting task, and what is even worse is being caught with a plagiarized paper. Colleges have strict policies and punishments to avoid this issue. As a student, you should try your best to stay clear of this issue and hopefully, now you can.

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