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Should Independent Contractors Get Pay Stub?

Apart from hiring employees, a company also hires independent contractors to outsource their projects. Many people do not know the basic difference between these two types of hired people. But when it comes to providing pay stubs, many companies are confused about whether to provide them to independent contractors or not.

Before you decide whether to provide a paycheck or not, you must know how these independent contractors are different from company employees. In the following write-up, we will discuss whether it is required for independent contractors to receive a pay stub.

If you are also confused about whether to provide such a document, you must go through the given information. If it is necessary to provide paychecks to them, you must know how to create them. Let us know more about independent contractors and determine whether to provide a paycheck or not.

Know-How Independent Contractors Different from Company Employees


Whenever a company hires employees, they have to work for the organization for several hours. They get a salary for the number of hours they dedicate to the company. Some part of their salary gets deducted if they take leave or miss any hour. Also, employees must pay taxes to the government, and the company deducts them.

The paycheck is a document where all the salary details are mentioned, including deductions, bonuses, taxes, etc. On the other side, companies also hire independent contractors with their schedules. The company cannot provide their schedules and their way of work ethic.

The contractors are independent when it comes to orders. A company provides a deadline to these people, and they complete their projects within the deadlines. They are not a part of any company, and at the same time, they can also work for other organizations. The company benefits given to employees are not meant for them.

Is It Necessary for Contractors to Receive Pay stubs?

A pay stub is a crucial document that keeps a record of payment details, including all the bonuses and deductions. For proper management, a company provides paychecks to their employees to keep a check on their salary details. It is recorded in the organization’s accounts. Similarly, it is also necessary to record the payment details provided to independent contractors.

Therefore, it is necessary to provide this document to them. This document is quite important to keep a check on salary details and managing company accounts. Everything is recorded in the accounts, whatever an organization pays to any individual, agency, or outsourcing company. Therefore, a paycheck is a document that helps a company accurately manage its accounts.

About 1099 Pay Stubs


After knowing the difference between employees in a company and independent contractors, it is crucial to provide paystubs to everyone. But there is a different paycheck for them, i.e1099. It is a special document for these independent staff with all the relevant information about them.

These documents are created in a different way, and it also looks different from the standard one for employees. It helps in telling the amount your contractors have earned at the end of the year. It helps a lot while budgeting and evaluating yearly taxes.

Is It Necessary to Create the Form?

Many companies do not consider it mandatory, but many accountants recommend it. As you know, it helps manage the company’s accounts and other budget issues. It is necessary to record the payment and salary details of everyone connected with the organization.

Even if you are hiring an independent contractor, you must provide this document as a record of payment for both parties.

The Importance of MISC 1099 Pay Stub Forms


The document of the 1099 pay stub is quite crucial for independent contractors because it is proof of earnings. They can easily know how much they earned at the end of the year. With the help of this document, a contractor can easily apply for loans, buy homes, get cars, or rent a property.

If we talk about forms for employees, then it is a W-2 form which is also considered the standard one. It is quite important for a contractor to receive this form from the company.

How Can One Create This Form?

Creating this document like the standard one for other employees is easy. You can find plenty of online platforms to get a template. You need to enter the contractor details and receive the document with all the automatic calculations.

If possible, you can also buy various applications for creating such forms in a few minutes. Once you check every detail, you can print the form. Make sure you do not make any mistakes to avoid it looking unprofessional, as it can ruin the company’s reputation. There are many methods of creating pay stubs for outsourced agents.

What If Independent Contractors Don’t Receive Pay Stub?


This document is not necessary, and it is okay if they do not get it. The paycheck is not required while paying taxes. If you want to avoid a fine, you must pay all your taxes quarterly.

But this document works like a record of how much money the contractor has earned through a company project. You can prepare it yourself if you do not get it from the company. It helps prove your total income and work as records for an organization.

The Bottom Line

If we talk about the necessity of a 1099 pay stub for independent contractors, it is not required mandatorily. But it is vital to record and maintain the income details of an organization and contractor. Many companies prefer to provide a paycheck to them as income proof and maintain their accounts well.

But if the company does not provide such a document, it is okay for a contractor. It is not a mandatory document while paying tax amounts. Undoubtedly, a paycheck is crucial but not mandatory. Anyone can create this document by several methods and use it whenever required. The payslip gives all the salary details for future records.