6 Tips And Tricks For Increasing Workplace Productivity – 2023 Guide

Being productive has a lot to do with how your entire workplace is set up. This is one of the main reasons why people invest so much in their setups, no matter whether their job is a programmer or a graphics designer. Your setup needs to be customized the way you prefer it, otherwise, you’ll be constantly reminded about something else and your focus levels will drastically drop.

In today’s article, we’ll talk about the best tips for increasing workplace productivity. If lately you are considering to re-build your setup or you’re just feeling slightly less productive than you once were, this article may help you get back on track.

Why is workplace productivity important?

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Constantly improving in every sphere of life is crucial if you want to be a successful person. This needs to be applied in every area, not just work or school. You should strive to be the perfect employee, the most reliable friend, the most aspiring business leader, and a better human every single day. However, this is easier said than done.

Productivity has a lot to do with this. If you’re not feeling productive, you won’t be able to achieve any of this. Here’s how to boost yours while at your workplace.

1. Allow yourself a small rest each hour

Some people like to powernap, others want to go out and take a fifteen-minute walk every hour. There isn’t a “best way” to rest in-between chores. What works for you is what you should be doing. However, no matter what it is you choose as a resting method, stick to it and don’t neglect its importance.

Some people think that you should never rest to be productive but that’s a huge lie. Each one of us needs a break now and then. We’re all humans and we can’t keep going full steam for long periods, otherwise, we’ll burn out. Before we go to the next tip, check out this website.

2. Determine your personal goals

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You must have your own goals if you’re willing to succeed in what you’re doing. We’re not talking about your tasks at work, we’re talking about personal goals. How many hours per week you’re going to work, how many hours you’re going to train etc… You must have a clear vision and you have to work towards crushing these smaller goals day by day.

When you keep track of everything it’s easy to improve your productivity, simply because you’ll know how much you achieved in the past week or month, and how much you’ll have to bump up those numbers in the next one. This can be applied to any area in life, not just work or education.

3. Set deadlines and respect them

Deadlines are not there just to create pressure, although a lot of people perform better under pressure. Deadlines are also not our enemy, they are a reminder and they help us organize better by valuing our time better. One way to become more productive is by setting both personal deadlines and respecting those that are set by your employer, project manager, etc…

“I’m going to write two E-Books this year” is not a deadline, it’s a goal.

“I’m going to write two E-Books until the end of February” is a goal with a clear deadline, and if you respect that deadline you’ll automatically be more productive.

4. Customize your workplace according to your needs

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Ever wondered why programmers have the most comfortable chairs, gamers have the most ergonomic mice and keyboards, graphic designers and video editors have the highest-quality monitors, and so on? Your workplace has to be properly customized if you want to be at the peak of your productiveness. It’s not a “waste of money” and you shouldn’t say that it’s not necessary to invest in improving your working environment. If it increases your love for the job it’s not a waste of money. Buy everything you need to make your time in the office more enjoyable.

5. Understand external factors impact your productivity

Regular exercise and proper diet are two things you have to implement in your life, and if you do, they’ll take you a long way. By eating well you’ll be able to acquire more energy for the day. By feeling energized you’ll always end up completing more tasks throughout your day. By exercising you’ll feel better and you’ll create healthy habits. Exercising helps you gain a sense of dedication and commitment. It has a lot more benefits than just looking good. When you feel good your self-confidence levels rise as well, and this can make you a more productive individual if you work any type of job that includes communicating with others.

6. Try to get rid of all distractions such as smartphones and e-mails

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Social media is pretty “invasive” nowadays if that’s the right word to use. Notifications are arriving every second and it’s so easy to become distracted. We’re getting all sorts of emails about promotions and discounts, and in just a few seconds our attention can be pointed in the wrong direction.

We suggest turning off your phone and focusing on work. Then, when the time for rest comes, you can check social media and your e-mail, but after the rest period, it’s back to work again without any distractions.

Let others know about your working schedule as well, especially if you work from home, which is a pretty common thing nowadays. This will minimize the chances for someone to distract you while working. Airplane mode on your smartphone works best if you want to avoid unnecessary phone calls while working.


There are things you can do to improve your productivity in life and in today’s article we made sure to cover most of them. These tips and tricks are something that anyone can do, they don’t cost any money besides the part where we suggest customizing your working setup and investing in your environment. However, all this will help you become a better individual so you should give your best to implement these things in your lifestyle.