What is Musicraiser's crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding is the tool that allows an artist to create a new music project

Tell your story, engage your fans and find new listeners thanks to a fundraising campaign to fund your music, promoting it even before it is produced.

What can you fund?

In the first five years of activity we financed More than 1300 projects for over EUR 5 million

Albums, EPs, tours, videoclips, vinyl editions, live events and any other project that is centered on music: we support artists during their crowdfunding campaigns in order to realize their next music project, thanks to a community of over 150.000 Raiser already on our platform too. Since 2018 we are also a record label: with the Musicraiser Accelerator service you can aspire to a record label contract, with physical and digital distribution of your next album and a press office ready to promote it.

How to launch a campaign?

The first step is to propose your project

Our team will evaluate it and a campaign manager will get in touch with you in order to understand how to make the most of your music project. The artist decides along with the campaign manager an economic goal to be achieved through the provision of exclusive rewards for fans. If the economic goal is reached in time (usually two months), you will receive the funds collected and you will be able to realise your project and deliver to your fans the rewards booked during the campaign. If you do not reach 100 % of the economic goal, all funds collected are returned to the raisers. Launching a campaign on Musicraiser is completely free: only if it reaches its economic goal, we will apply a commission of 15 % (+ VAT and transaction costs) on the amount collected in standard crowdfunding campaigns, and 20 % ( + VAT and transaction costs) for Accelerator crowdfunding campaigns. On average, successful campaigns reach 130 % of the initial objective.

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