31 Hot Pictures of Ellen Page Which Leave Your Drooling

Ellen Page, the Canadian actress, is highly famous for her performance in series like Pit Pony and Trailer Park Boys and ReGenesis. She has won multiple accolades in her career and is regarded to be one of the best actors in Canada.

The girl from Halifax, Nova Scotia, was a studious brain from her childhood. She completed her study from Shambhala School. Later she joined the Vaughan Road Academy for education. The acting was very natural to her as she had already appeared on the screen at the age of 10. Her acting in Pit Pony made her way to the industry a bit easy.

At the age of 16, she was working in independent movies like “Mouth To Mouth”. The actress was selected in the movie “Hard Candy”. The movie made her popular in the industry for her brilliant performance in such an awkward role. The Page’s biggest breakthrough came with the movie “Juno” in the year 2007. Having played the lead of the film, her portrayal of Juno was fascinating and critics like Roger Ebert openly praised her abilities.

Before playing the role of Juno, Page also appeared in the movie X-Men: The Last Stand”. Her performance nominated her for the Teen Choice Award. Another great performance of Page came in the year 2010 when she collaborated with Leonardo de Caprio and Christopher Nolan in the movie Inception. This path-breaking masterpiece added another feather to Page’s career.

Page has so far done a great job in the industry with several big-budget pictures and multiple awards. This gorgeous Canadian lady has taken her fans’ breath away since she started acting. Sexy is not a satisfactory word to describe her beauty. We have collected some of her hot pictures with views of her beautiful boobs and ass. I am sure anyone who sees them, will fall for her.