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The millennials might remember the marriage of Jessica Simpson to Nick Lachey, which got huge public attention and even their own show Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica. Unfortunately, the marriage didn’t hold more than four years but the wider world came to know about Jessica Simpson.

Considering her relationship as a boost doesn’t by any means undermine the talent that she possesses. She is undeniably a great pop artist of this century with massive popularity. One gripping fact about Jessica is that before her launch she was instructed by Tommy Mottola, the chief of Columbia Records, to assume an “anti-sex symbol” image. Mottola believed being the anti-sex symbol might turn out to be an absolute success.

Whether for that factor or something else, Jessica’s first single “I Wanna Love You Forever” in 1999 became quite a success. From there on she released her first album in the same year Sweet Kisses. It climbed at the 65th position of Billboard 200, considering it a debut album, she played some stunning shots.

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Her second album, Irresistible, was the RIAA certified gold album. She released six studio albums all of them had made their marks both in the charts and in people. Eventually, Simpson converted to the country genre and made did some pretty good job with songs like “Come On Over”. Besides singing, she is also an entrepreneur and best selling author having topped the New York Times Best Seller list. Jessica has appeared in some TV shows like The Price of Beauty.

Okay, let’s come to the spicy segment. She is magnificently seductive and if you don’t believe I can prove it to you. Here is a collection of her most hot half-nude photos that’ll make you fall in love with Jessica Simpson. Go through each of them, you won’t regret it.

Hot Photos of Jessica Simpson