24 Hot Half-Nude and Bikini Photos of Kana Kurashina

Kana  Kurashina is a very familiar name to the Japanese. Her amazing acting skill has brought her nationwide fame and respect. As a veteran in the industry with over 10 years of experience, Kana has worked with most of the famous Japanese actors and directors.

Though not much is available about her life, we know that her success in the entertainment industry came gradually with consistent hard work and gifted talents. Kana started her career in 2007 with an uncredited role in the film “Grow”. In that same year, she appeared on the TV show Elite Yankee Saburo.

Till today Kana has been very consistent in her work. Her best films include “Sûpâkabu 2: Gekitou Hen”, “Far Away, So Close”, and “Soredemo, ikite yuku”. 

Currently, Netflix Japan has released it’s first horror-thriller series JU-ON: Origins. Kana is playing an important character in the show and has attracted people’s attention. It has also brought her to an international stage and we can hope she is coming back soon with many more things to share.

Kana’s work as an actress is certainly mesmerizing and so is she. This Japanese angel is giving a tough time not staring at her magnificent figure. So, we have gathered a whole lot of Kana Kurashina’s hot half-nude and bikini-clad pics that’ll amaze you inside out. Enjoy this pleasant journey!

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