How to Reach the Highest Payout in Video Poker

Mastering video Poker is the dream of every punter who realizes the amazing money-making prospects in this iconic game. Even skeptics who believe that “the house always wins” can’t say the same about Poker because they understand that a brilliantly formed strategy will beat the house edge. As far as video Poker is a must-have in the lobbies of all top-class online casinos, experts from uncovered what hotspots offer the juiciest odds and payout rates on the infamous game.

Video Poker Background


Few gamblers know that their beloved video Poker takes its roots from the early 1960s. At that time, the first electronic machines literally hit all land-based hotspots across Nevada and later spread to neighboring vicinities. Those pioneers had very poor graphics and stagnant mechanics, but they still had a giant success among punters. The boost of computer technologies contributed to the revolution of old-schooled Poker machines. The new items were better-crafted and optimized to the latest PC models.

The rise of online casinos made a breakthrough in the gambling sector and VP in particular. Current punters may choose from dozens of game types based on their skills and preferences. Classic five-card version rules are easy-to-grasp, even for rookies. A player makes a bet, after which he/she gets five virtual cards. The player decides what dealt cards he/she will hold or drop. Then, a dealer replaces the dropped cards. After the showdown, a stronger hand wins the pot.

Why Video Poker Odds Matter

Video Poker tops the roster of online games with the highest return to player percent. The revelry’s stated average RTP is 97-100%. What does it mean? The ratio indicates that a customer who bets, for instance, $100 could win back $97-100 in the long run. However, despite the generous RTP and rules simplicity, there is one crucial nuance that directly impacts a bettor’s success in the game.

If punters don’t realize the value of odds, they will barely payout a hard coin from video Poker. Odds indicate what winning probability players have, compared to the house edge. It’s necessary to realize that some online hotspots offer better odds than their alternatives. Moreover, odds vary depending on a specific game type and you can see more here.

Most Popular VP Types and Payout Odds

Before sitting at the virtual table, bettors need to figure out what game type suits them best and how it impacts their winning chances above the house. There are several most esteemed VP types, which gamblers may find in almost every casino’s collection.

Deuces Wild

Mastering Deuces Wild, punters may count on the 99.7% payout in due course. The game is played with a 52-card deck. The house advantage in this version is almost miserable due to the wild card feature. It allows gamblers to come up with the high-value hand by replacing unwinnable dealt cards with a Deuce or a Two.

Jacks or Better

This version comes with a 99.4% payout ratio on the majority of gambling platforms. Experts suggest picking up a 9/6 table for this game as it almost always returns to a bettor with full pay. A full house allows punters to grab 9 times more of the initial stake, while a flush combo makes 6x a player’s wager.

Progressive VP

Just like slots, the progressive VP comes with a mind-blowing jackpot pool and allows bettors to fill their pockets with six-figure rewards. The advantage of this type for high rollers is that the game doesn’t have a fixed prize pond, as the jackpot keeps progressing all the time. Progressive VP offers an incredible payout rate of 100% or even higher at some sites

Video Poker Tips: How to Make Your Bets Win

Though video Poker is often mistaken for a slot machine, the entertainment has one significant distinction. Pokies belong to the games-of-chance category, while VP is the game of skills and strategy. In slots, bettors can never predict what symbols will drop on the reels because the configuration is based purely on the random number generator. In VP, punters also cannot forecast the dealt cards the machine gives them, but they can calculate the winning probability by holding or replacing the lost cause cards to complete the session with the strongest hand.

Strategic mastery and in-depth analysis of the offered odds could help players predict the most favorable outcome and crash the house advantage. These tips could be of service in building the victorious strategy in VP:

  • Practice card counting in the demo mode and apply this knowledge while playing VP on real cash.
  • Learn what card combinations will help you reach the showdown with a high-value hand.
  • Study the game types: their basics, odds, and gameplay peculiarities not to pass in case of unexpected twists.
  • Select the pay tables with the highest payout frequency.
  • Don’t go All-in with a weak hand.
  • Concentrate on the bet accuracy but not frequency.
  • Don’t sit at the virtual table for hours and make 15-20-minute breaks between sessions to clear your head.
  • Set a limit on losses not to hurt your bankroll drastically in case of failure.

And the final golden rule is to pick up casinos with a proven reputation and generous offered odds and bonuses.

Video Poker Bonuses

Veteran gamblers know how to benefit from video Poker using online casino bonuses. Operators use multiple promotions to enlarge a user base and encourage loyal clients. By doing research on the web or checking expert reviews, punters will know where to get bountiful perks and spend these incentives on Poker games. The majority of gambling hotspots offer welcome cash perks to newcomers (free chip or deposit match), free spins, refer-a-friend dividends, and loyal bonuses. Experienced bettors are always aware of the ongoing and upcoming promos on the top-notch gaming portals.


VP privilege over slot machines and games-of-luck is that a player’s success depends purely on his/her mastery. Punters who learn behind-the-scenes cornerstones of different game types are not afraid of unexpected twists. They can forecast when they should go all-in or better leave the virtual table. Remember that bettors who know video Poker payout odds can pull the advantage on their side with ease.