6 Tips How to Tell the Difference Between Good & Bad Quality Web Hosting Companies

At one point all of you think about making your blog live and available to others. You naturally want to share your thoughts, insights and content with others for a profit of course and to do that you have to have a good and quality web hosting company behind you. As you probably know by now, there is a lot to the site or blog when it comes to these things and you have to look at a broader picture if you want your audience to have quality access, speed and manoeuvrability, and you to have ease of use and user-friendly interface.

At this time, there are a lot of such companies offering their services for various fee naturally, but just how to distinguish the good ones from the bad? What to look for, and we know that the yearly plan price is one of the factors that will make you decide but you also have to look at some other factors that will influence your site greatly.


This article today will help you understand what is important and based on that how to distinguish good web hosting services from the impostors that want your cash but don’t return as much.
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Now, let’s get on with the factors you need to look at when distinguishing the good and bad hosting companies.

1. Pricing


This is by far the most important factor that everyone looks at first, and in 90% of cases, it is the one that makes you go with a certain web host or makes you skip it. Although for you that are just starting to thread these waters, money is scarce and you look for the cheapest web host just to get started, you shouldn’t make a decision based on the lowest price of the annual or monthly plan.

There are a lot of web hosts out there that will bid the lowest price to draw you in but in return, you will get neither quality services nor the plugins, space or the speeds you have to have if you look to build anything remotely serious. These web services will offer low prices and won’t offer any of these back to you which is why you have to scratch the surface of that offer and see what exactly you are getting for the money you are paying. Always Check twice and pay only once, it is the way to go.

2. Customer support

Many of the web hosting services will offer these but you have to have 24/7 customer support that is there when you need them. Since this has become a huge selling point many web hosts offer customer support but most of them are there when they are there. You may have a problem which you can’t handle by yourself, and when trying to get some help get stood up over and over.

Customer support is always busy, never answering and helping out isn’t worth any money, and we don’t care how cheap the plan was. Try and look for user reviews that are turned to this factor and see what others have said or written about their ability to be there for you when you need them.

3. Speed


A cheap web host isn’t good if it isn’t fast. The times have changed a lot and if we can’t have a fast browsing, video or image opening experience your site isn’t going to last long. Speed is essential in these times and if you want your site to advance and get good traffic then speed is another factor you have to look for.

Many web hosts don’t even state the speeds they offer you in the plan choice section which is another red flag and your pointer out of there. Although you should be aware that the speed of your website and the hosting type you choose are connected, for   instance will provide more speed than Shared hosting.

4. Website builder

Now if you are new, as we believe most of you reading this are, then it is important to have a good, quality website builder included with your web host. This is something that not all web hosting companies offer, and shouldn’t be the make or break factor, but it is always nice to have these integrated for ease of access, and finding your way around. If someone is used to WordPress, for instance, and its builder than a web hosting company that offers this integration is more than welcome. Regardless of what web builder they offer, try to look around for the one you are most famous or comfortable with. Many web hosts have their web builders that are user friendly and you shouldn’t pass on those as well.

5. Step-by-step guides


Another important thing when looking for a quality web hosting company. This is a feature that is usually overlooked or even merged to the support section, but it shouldn’t be. A good web hosting company will have these separate because step by step implementation is one thing and online 24/7 support for problems after you are up and running is something different. Try and pay attention to this because believe it or not you will find yourself in need of this and there will be no one to help you.

6. Security

Last but not the least important factor is security. Imagine having everything up and running and starting to get traffic and viewers when suddenly you get a virus, problem, or whatever else may corrupt your site and data. What to do if there is no protection offered by the web host. Well, nothing since you probably didn’t pay attention to that section while shopping. This is also important and mustn’t be overlooked. Security these days is everything and having web hosting services that offer an additional layer of protection is most welcomed.

So, as you could read we looked towards a few very important things that distinguish good and bad web hosts. We turned to speeds, prices, security, guides, support and features like an integrated builder and one-click installers that are supposed to make your life easier. All of these are important and they differ from offer to offer, or from one web host to another. Never jump straight for one just because it’s cheaper, try and figure out what that low price means and see what exactly you are getting for your money. If there is no available information that interests you in the plan section, we recommend to stay at those companies and check out a different one, because whatever is not listed you will not be getting.