Is A Goldendoodle A Good Family Dog

In recent decades, breeders around the world have been trying to create new, hybrid dog breeds, They do that by mixing already recognized breeds. The goal is to create new breeds that will retain the best characteristics – but also to eliminate flaws in breeds from which they arose.

For example, by mixing a poodle and a Golden retriever – a Goldendoodle was created. It’s a lively dog that does not shed. Still, the question is: Is this dog breed a good pet for your family? The correct answer is that it all depends on the level of activity in your household, family energy – and the lifestyle you lead.

Modified Dog Breeds


The breed that most often crosses with other breeds is a poodle. It is because of its intelligence and fur that doesn’t shed. Also, it exists in three sizes – so it is practical for crossing with both small and large dogs. The designed dogs, as people call them – are extremely expensive, and the price ranges from $ 1,000. However, buying such a dog will not guarantee that you will get the best of both parents.

It is because genetics can also deceive us – so sometimes, the unwanted traits come to the surface. This can be very inconvenient, especially if you want a real family dog. Goldendoodle is also considered to be one of the ‘family dog breeds’. Still, some people wonder if this golden, furry, fluffy dog is really ideal for a family. We will try to get answers to some of these questions.

Is Goldendoodle A Perfect Pet For The Family With Children?


Dogs can be a perfect choice for a family with children. They are giving us their unconditional love – but also have an educational role because our children are learning themselves responsibility. They will also become more compassionate, and noble. So how do you choose a dog for a family with kids? First, you must take into consideration your lifestyle, your job, spare time, children’s age, and the character of the dog. Before you adopt a puppy or dog – you should make a thorough research on which would be the ideal breed according to your lifestyle. The Goldendoodle generally fits perfectly into the image of a perfect family pet.

These dogs are cheerful in nature, they adore people, children, as well as other dogs or animals. Also, for most families, they are ideal because they hardly shed. OK, it’s not that they don’t shed at all – but it is negligible compared to other breeds. Also, the curly fur they inherited from the poodle is considered hypoallergenic – so most families who have allergies to dog hair decide to take the rocks of this breed.

However, it is pretty significant to know that these puppies can sometimes grow into big dogs. Although the breeds from which Goldendoodle originated are friendly to humans – you should know that sometimes increased energy levels and their size in combination with small children can lead to unwanted situations.

Where Can We Find Reliable Breeders?


This job basically implies a great commitment to the work itself – as well as the dogs. This implies providing appropriate conditions, good nutrition, care, upbringing, mating, caring for puppies, shows, giving up, and constant learning. According to, you must find a reliable breeder. And how to find it? Dog shows are always a good advertisement for a dog kennel – and especially if a trophy is won at shows – then people are most interested. Of course, you can read reviews from other owners – who have taken their dogs from a particular kennel. Also, today, you can look for them on social networks as well. So make sure that before you get the puppy – you get well informed about the kennel where you will buy them.

The Character Of This Breed

The friendly, tolerant attitude of this mixed breed – makes it an excellent pet. This dog is intelligent, loyal, sociable, and so cute. However, you must know that Goldendoodles belong to the category of active dogs – and you must walk and let them run them regularly. It is best to have 40-60 minutes of quality activity every day. Exercise will help the dog stay calm when he gets back to the house. On the contrary, reduced activity can lead to behavioral problems. Like other intelligent races, the Goldendoodles must have something to deal with. Try to teach them to bring a newspaper, waking up the housemates – or competing in dog sports. You must always remember that a tired Goldendoodle – is a good Goldendoodle.

In addition to providing your new pet with physical and mental stimulation – he also needs to be involved in family activities. He is a family dog so he must be with his human pack. Do not take a dog of this breed if you are not willing to share space with him. Do not leave him alone for a long time or abandoned in the yard – because he will suffer endlessly.



Dogs of this breed will get along well with toddlers because they are attentive and caring with children in general. But since they can grow up to 24 inches – they can be big and strong. Therefore, you must be careful when it comes to small children – so that your pet doesn’t accidentally hurt them in the game. Sometimes you may even get surprised by their stubbornness in some situations since they can be very headstrong – but this issue can be solved by a good upbringing, while the puppies are still young. Also, you need to show your children how to treat each dog – to avoid unforeseen and unpleasant situations.

With other pets, this dog is sociable. He will enjoy the company of other dogs – and with adequate introduction and training, he can be trusted with cats, rabbits, etc.


In genetically crossed breeds, generally, there is a problem that they can inherit the negative genes of both breeds. However, in proportion to its size and the fact that poodles are longer-lived – Goldendoodle will have a slightly more chance of inherited diseases that accompany Golden Retrievers. The most common of these diseases are hip dysplasia, problems with elbows, etc. Sometimes, as with other greedy breeds, stomach torsion occurs – but with healthy eating habits, this is a really rare case.