Tips On Getting Your First Turntable – 2023 Guide

Let’s say you’ve watched the best performance on online platforms such as YouTube and would like a similar musical experience. Probably you’d heard about vinyl and would like a different experience from what you’re used to, such as a subscription to a streaming service.

In short, you’ve made a decision but are not sure which side of the coin to start with. Well,l keep reading for the tips of getting the best beginner turntable and you can also check out 1byoneaudio for turntable models.


According to music lovers, unlike the digital format, vinyl demonstrates not purity and depth but the warmth and liveliness of sound. The very process of rolling out a record, placing it on a turntable, touching a track with a needle is already awe-inspiring, especially if this is an old recording from a parent’s collection or the latest release of a favorite artist.

To listen to these recordings, you need a sound transformer called a turntable. Before you get started, you’ll need to know that vinyl is not about playlists or fresh tracks from the digital world of music. Vinyl is about listening to music where albums are arranged in neat order. Listening to vinyl brings satisfaction as you play the records from beginning to end and get consumed into thoughts or desires.

Why do people even listen to vinyl?


Before parting with your money, it’s important to understand the basic reasons why people buy vinyl records. Other than the sound quality of the vinyl, we can’t dispute the fact that most people buy these records for emotional reasons.

There’s some attachment that you get when you listen to cool music from your vinyl. In addition, here are some of the reasons why people buy vinyl. When you buy vinyl, you’ll be supporting your favorite artist other than spending money streaming music on Spotify and other online platforms.

Another reason why vinyl is a favorite to many people is the size and the design of the outer covers. Without a doubt, these are true pieces of artwork created by top photographers and artists.
Vinyl can turn out to be a good investment of money since you can sell your classic collections sometimes in the future.

Beginner tips

But let’s get down to the topic; tips on getting your first Turntable. Here we shall consider what to look for and what pitfalls to avoid disappointment? Let’s take a closer look.



When shopping for a turntable, you need to take into account the technical equipment, which incorporates the quality, beauty aspect, style, and design. Quite simply, a vinyl turntable comprises a base or a box inside, which houses the engine and other electronics or turntable accessories like the ones offered by DaCapo Audio. There is also a support table which is a feature with a pin in the middle. It’s here that the records are stored.

Another feature is the tonearm which looks like a thin stick at the extreme end. Here you’ll also find the cartridge with the needle. Worth noting, in most cases, these features are covered with a lid that provides ample protection.

How it works

On another note, the needle lowers to the rotating disk and falls into the groove precisely or accurately as though it’s squeezed out in the vinyl. From here, the irregularities of the walls create vibrations and sound. Other useful features include the downforce as well as the anti-skating.



Downforce ensures the stylus pushes hard against the record as it plays. A weak downforce leads to low places in track and may jump quickly to the next song. There’s no coherence, and instead, you’ll only hear some chaotic fragments. On the flip side, if the needle presses too hard against the record, it will damage the grooves and cause distortions in the sound.

Anti skating

Anti skating feature helps in preventing a parameter that prevents the needle from rolling towards the middle point or towards the edge of the record. This means that it helps ensure that there is even pressure brought about by the needle towards the groove’s right or left walls.

Therefore, this helps in balancing the sound for a smooth and even beat. Precise tracking of the downforce, as well as the anti-skating, are the main foundations that ensure that your records last many days.

Before you set off to buy your first vinyl, you’ll be amazed at the high number of printed materials, articles, or videos on how to set up your Turntable. However, one thing is for sure, and the materials may not be sufficient if you don’t understand the basic components of a turntable.

Phono correction


Most importantly, other than understanding the parts, you should also take into account the electromagnetic pulses produced by a needle. Sometimes they can be too weak, which can be due to improper feeding to the amplifier’s input.

A phono correction can help in dealing with this problem and let you enjoy high-quality sound. Turntables are available with and without a built-in phono stage which is a vital parameter that you need to consider when shopping.

In addition to phono correction, the sound quality can be affected by the materials from which the bases, platter, and tonearm are assembled. Other factors that may affect the sound include the quality and location of the electric motor or the stylus and the cartridge.

It is clear that basic turntables are assembled from cheaper materials such as plastic and aluminum. In addition, high-quality turntables are assembled from MDF, acrylic, carbon. Therefore, cartridges and needles also differ in quality and price. Therefore budget may be a big consideration for a beginner since you wouldn’t want to spend a lot of money.


As you can see, the first step in deciding which Turntable to buy is to familiarize yourself with its basic setup. In addition to them, the player includes control buttons, including a start button, a choice of rotation speed, a handle height adjuster, connectors for connecting speakers, and a PC. Hopefully, you can now shop for your favorite turntable while keeping the above tips in mind,