The Genuine and Good Friends of Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson is immortal and that is not just proven by his die-hard fans around the world but the loyalty and trustworthiness of some of his genuine friends that are still so obsessed with his innocence, purity, and inner beauty.

Jackson was seen comfortable around very selected people, although he was kind to everyone and greeted everyone with humbleness and respect, only some of them led their ways into his heart and soul. Not everyone stayed loyal and honest with him till his last breath and even after he passed away, only some of them kept on defending him, remembering him and accompanying his fans in taking further his legacy.

Some of these friends don’t have any famous background like sports, showbiz or politics, while some are celebrities. These friendships went through lots of controversies but these friends prove that no matter what happens, Michael was, is, and will always be their friend, closest to their hearts. These people know a different Michael, a human, a friend, someone who laughs so innocently, someone who loves being teased, someone who enjoys playing with a super soaker, someone who had fun with water balloons. We all know that these people are so lucky that they know MJ so closely and we all wish we’d be in their place.

Frank Cascio

Frank Cascio and Michael jackson
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Frank met Michael in 1984 when Frank was a 4-year old kid and the friendship went out so beautifully that the kid when grown up as a man wrote a book on this relationship with Jackson “My Friend Michael” which was published in 2011. Initially, Jackson met Frank’s father but then he was introduced to his family including Frank. Jackson was accompanied by Frank throughout his career and Jackson is deeply remembered by this friend of his. Frank’s book written for Michael has so many beautiful facts about his personality, his kind heart and beautiful soul.

Macaulay Culkin

Macaulay Culkin and Michael jackson
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This little friend of Jackson, as seen in lots of videos including “Black or White” or playing in the Neverland Valley Ranch is now a 39-year old and is one of the closest friends to Michael. He first met Jackson at Lincoln Center when Culkin was preparing for “The Nutcracker”. They shared lots of happy moments with each other on the sets of ‘Black or White’ while wishing the director John Landis on his birthday and also while playing games in Neverland. Macaulay still remembers Jackson with deep emotions and has always been defending him since the beginning. Macaulay and Jackson, together had a lot of fun and people knew that whenever they’ll be together, something exciting is on the way.

Diana Ross

Diana Ross and Michael jackson
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The relationship between Michael Jackson and Diana Ross is a long journey. Along with being an outstanding actress and singer, she is also loved by the world for her discovery of The Jackson 5. Michael was 9 years old baby when he met the lady and since then he was extremely obsessed with her presence. We can find so many videos of Michael mentioning and thanking Ross whenever he walked on stage for an award or recognition. Diana and Jackson performed in “The Wiz”, a musical fantasy film. Jackson described Ross as a motherly figure to him and Ross showed the same respect toward him.

Elizabeth Taylor

Elizabeth Taylor and Michael jackson
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“Elizabeth, I love you!” We can’t forget the breath-taking performance of this song, Michael dedicated to one of his closest friends and the famous celebrity Elizabeth Taylor in 1997. The powerful couple met in 1984 and since then they were often seen together holding hands, smiling at each other and the spark was always there between them as they were meeting each other for the very first time. Jackson was given a surprise by Taylor when she brought “Gypsy”, an elephant as his gift to the Neverland and very next to that Jackson also amazed Taylor with a surprise, a wall-size tapestry of Elizabeth’s face. 

Chris Tucker

Chris Tucker and Michael jackson
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Imagine making Michael laugh at your jokes. Can you feel the happiness? The sense of achievement? Chris Tucker is one of those gems whose company was extremely cherished by Jackson. Jackson had a great time shooting the music video of “You Rock My World” and behind the scenes, he couldn’t resist laughing in Chris’s presence. Not just him but the whole crew enjoyed his jokes. He also danced with Jackson in Jackson’s 30th Anniversary Celebration concerts. Chris Tucker is one of the genuine friends of Michael Jackson who shared a great bond with him. 

Brooke Shields

Brooke Shields and Michael Jackson
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The 21-year old Michael met 13-year old Brooke for the first time and at that time, they didn’t know that they’re going to have a magical relationship after it. Brooke confessed in Jackson’s memorial in 2009 that he was pure, honest and was so caring toward his family, friends, and fans. She also said that both of them had a sort of competition who can make the other laugh more.

Shirley Temple

Shirley Temple and Michael jackson
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Shirley Temple and Michael Jackson had a thing is unique, the lost childhood. Both shared a special connection beyond words. When Jackson met Temple for the first time, they didn’t speak up but shed tears, tears of friendship, tears of pain, tears of loneliness. It is said that Temple cooked dinner, roasted chicken for Jackson which sounds too cute actually.