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How To Have Fun While Traveling Solo – 2023 Guide

Have you noticed that girl, using her backpack, GPS, and map in hand, strolling in a new land? What was your first thought on seeing her? Envy? Many would even show reverence to these solo travelers. For many others, these solo travelers are a whole new breed of people- who are independent, hence fearless.

Why You Should Travel Solo

  • The Best Way to Connect with Self: Ask a solo traveler what makes them travel solo, and they will give you plenty of reasons. The first reason could be to get the ‘me-time’ or space from their regular life. In short, it would be the best way to connect with yourself. It means you will not have to spend time with others or try to socialize.
  • To Cut off Company: They may be in the middle of a big family or may have plenty of people around them all the time. It might prompt them to take a break from people and go on a trip on their own.
  • Not Interested in Taking Others’ Responsibility: Another valid reason people give for traveling alone is how they wish to not worry about the company. It may be the big reason for them to not take responsibility for others- not of husband, or wife, or kids or of anyone else. It is the best way to enjoy themselves only and not worry about the comfort of others.
  • Be Able to take up more Challenges: You will know yourself more and explore your strength. If you have never tried something so far, you may be able to do so now. There is no limit to taking challenges and risks.
  • Get a Chance to Meet New People: You may find more opportunities to chat with any new exciting people wherever you go. It will not be as frequent when you travel in a big group and certainly rarely while traveling with family.

How to Increase the Fun Quotient Traveling Solo

  • Plan Thoroughly in Advance: Planning will be helpful to let you enjoy the trip. It is necessary if you are traveling for the first time. Do not leave it to the last moment. Do not get carried away by what you see in movies, and just think of jumping into the first train you see. It does not work like that even if you plan to travel domestically.
  • Budget Well: Since you are not traveling with anyone, you will not be able to rely on them to pay for you wherever you go. So, you will have to open the purse and pay. Start with domestic destinations at first, build up confidence and then travel abroad. Plan on the flights or mode of transport you will take.
  • Is it affordable, or is there a cheaper alternative? If it is an international destination, flying would be a necessity, and additionally, there will be an expense of a visa. Consider foreign exchange rates and taxes you ought to pay. All these will be vital and not something to ignore while making the budget. How much do you aim to shop will also include the customs duty.
  • Travel Light: This is the thumb rule to traveling solo. Do not carry more than a bag. Yes, we know a woman traveling to a beach city like Vegas or Miami would need her Boho sarongs and tops, and hats! But that should not be too much for you to spend an hour loading and unloading from the car boot. Just a handy water-resistant backpack will be a great solution. It can be great for traveling with dry clothes, even in rough weather. An additional dry bag would keep the electronics and essential clothes dry.
  • Spend time On Foot: The best way to enjoy solo time traveling would be to go local by foot. If you pick a historic location in a city like Santorini or Florence, you will have ample scope to explore on foot. There is as much history in every nook and corner that a group package may not be able to provide you. Also, you may discover better.
  • Don’t Forget Your Favorite Book: There may be a book un-read for a long time on your bookshelf. Do not forget it and carry it on the trip to read. With no company, you may be able to finish it with ease. If you are visiting a new city, you may buy the city-guide with translations for you to enjoy the city up close and personal.
  • Don’t miss Taking Snaps: A millennial will be taking snaps from the airport itself. But if you are the 80s or 90s kids or even older, this may not come that naturally. There is a lot of joy in taking snaps of the local places just the way you want. You will find no one photo-bombing or sharing space in your frame.
  • Play Your Favorite Games: At times in your travel, there may be occasions when you may be lying on your hotel bed after a long day of transit. It is when you may check out sites like NetBet where you can check for local matches. It would be a great way to bet and enjoy a local match or two. In the UK, you should not miss the Greyhound or horse race. You may even hear a few regular gamblers at your hotel pub too. It can be a great conversation starter, and you may even find a friend for life.
  • Visit Local Heritage Spots: If you are traveling to a new country or a city specializing in history, visit its memorial spot. For instance, a visit to France is incomplete without a visit to Marseilles. You will be making memories all through the trip this way.

Traveling solo has all these benefits, and you should not miss it out in any case. Every person who has once traveled solo will tell you even more reasons to opt for the same. Bon Voyage to you on your maiden solo trip!