5 Discount Strategies To Try Next Time You Shop Online

In 2023, I think it is safe to say that almost everyone prefers buying online instead of traditionally going to a regular store. There are quite a few reasons why people have this preference. But, the most important reason is the fact that this method of buying products is simpler, faster and much more convenient. But, there is one more benefit to shopping online. There are several different methods or strategies you could use to get a discount on the products that you want to purchase.

However, getting those discounts may not be as simple as you think. There are several secret strategies that can get a considerable cut of the cost of an item.

Naturally, everyone wants to save money which means that everyone wants to know about these secret strategies. To help you with that, I decided to write this article and talk about the most useful discount strategies you should try the next time you hop on the Internet to buy products.

1. Shop at the right time


This is a piece of information that is not well known. Believe it or not, but a lot of companies offer price cuts on certain days. For example, the prices during the weekends are higher while on certain weekdays it’s lower. Experts say that the best day for buying tech is Tuesday.

For groceries, it is probably best to check out Wednesdays and Thursdays.

However, none of this is complete information. This could all depend on your location, city, or country. I guess it also depends on the store itself. They may not stick to these traditional discount days.

The best way you can discover this kind of information is by being patient. Do not buy anything this week, but present on the website to see when the store is offering cut prices.

2. Create an account

Many companies want their customers to create accounts. This gives them a much clearer insight into their audience. In other words, it will not cost you anything to just create an account. But, why should you?

Well, one of the explanations why you will need an account is because it makes purchasing much easier. You will not have to input your name, shipping address, or even your credit card ever again.

However, the winning benefit is the fact that many of these online stores offer a bonus, a reward, or some kind of discount on certain items when you create the account. You could use this reward to considerably cut down the pricing of a certain product.

One quick hand, if you lose those bonus once your account gets older, you can always create a new one. This is a nice loophole that you can use to save a little bit of money when purchasing products online.

3. Check out coupon code websites


Nowadays, there are probably hundreds of websites out there that offer coupon codes for all kinds of websites such as Of course, not all of these coupons will work, but if you are persistent enough, you will definitely find something that will provide you with a nice discount.

Finding such websites is easy. All you have to do is use Google. Once you have found such a website, you will need to search for the store that you want to use. If you cannot find it, it is time to go to the next coupon code website.

Here is an example. If you are interested in fitness equipment, electric bikes, and other similar products, you will probably visit an online store such as Asviva. But, the products there could be a bit expensive, so we do recommend you to check diebestengutscheine website and search for the vouchers and the coupon codes to get up to 60% discounts.

By sticking to this strategy, I am certain that you could save quite a lot of money.

4. Use a browser extension

Like I said previously, there are many methods and strategies you can use to save money when shopping online. Today, one of the easiest ways to get a discount is by using an extension on your browser. Whether you are using Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, or even Internet Explorer, there are quite a few extensions that can make your online shopping much cheaper.

How it works? It is actually quite simple. You choose your product and put it in the shopping cart and then you go to checkout. Once you get to the checkout section, you asked for a coupon code. Instead of continuing to the next step, you should activate the extension. With just one press of a button, the extension will search through the Internet as quickly as it can to find compatible coupon codes.

You can search “CouponBirds SmartCoupon Finder” or “CouponBirds extensions” in Google or Firefox and other browsers to download the very convenient coupon extension. The coupon data accuracy of this plugin is maintained at 65%-75% year-round, which means the coupon codes that CouponBirds provides are within the validity period in most cases. You know, getting an invalid coupon code is always annoying.

Keep in mind, this will not work always, but it will not take any of your time to just check. One-click and you are done.

5. Leave items in the shopping cart


This is a trick that has been around for years and it still works for a lot of stores. When you plan on buying a certain product, you put it in the shopping cart. But, you are still not certain whether you want to buy it, so you leave it in there and close the website.

If you do not come back to the shopping cart in a few days, you will receive an email that there is a discount on the item that you want to purchase. If you do not receive such an email, I recommend that you wait a few more days and I am sure that you will get one.

This may not be the quickest method, but it almost always works. If you are unable to find coupon codes for the item you are interested in, this is a strategy that you have to try.

I could probably go on listing several other strategies that could get you discounts in online stores, but I believe these five I mentioned above are the most effective strategies. I am sure that you will get a considerable discount if you try out all of these methods above.