5 Tips And Tricks For A Successful Deck Building Project

Wooden floors have long been very popular as the floor of choice – both in interiors and exteriors. The decking was a floor covering that was widely used decades ago – but it has remained the most popular option for exterior floor coverings today.

If you are planning to build or renovate your deck soon, here are some tips and tricks on how to do it successfully.

Deck Building: Reasons Why You Need A Deck


Due to their multifunctional nature, decking floor coverings have become an indispensable material in the design of any space. Staying outdoors revitalizes your body and mind, and instead of gloomy concrete or asphalt – wood imposes itself as the healthiest cladding for your relaxing corner in the backyard or by the pool.

Today, the extremely popular retro and rustic style of decoration, both interior and exterior – and this especially favors wood to combine nature and technology, tradition, and modernity to create an environment of comfortable living and healthy living. Creating a deck for your home will also be a way to increase the space of your home – but also to influence its value if one day you opt to sell your property.

Building A Deck Is A Complex Task

When we plan to build a deck, we need to have an initial idea in our head of what it should all look like. Issues such as space and budget are always the most important. According to your abilities, wishes, and budget – you will opt for the DIY variant or professional deck construction services.

Of course, if you are able, it is always better to opt for professionals – because then you are sure that you will get the desired look of your deck. If you still decide to do everything yourself –  then keep in mind that you need a lot of research work from the start, but also manual skills.

If you want to do the work yourself, you must know that, unlike an ordinary terrace, paving a deck is a far more complex project that requires time, skill – and careful selection of materials and construction. Therefore, careful planning is the essence of your business in order to avoid mistakes. Here are some tips on things you should know before you start this work.

1. Make A Decision: DIY Or Hire Professionals


This is the first thing you should consider before starting the work on your deck. You need to assess your own capacities well – and make a decision on whether you can carry out this project on your own. Keep in mind that decking is not one-man-work – so you need people on the side to help you do it. Also, a tool and a lot of calculations are needed during planning and technical execution. If you are not sure of your abilities – do not engage in this on your own.

Keep in mind: According to, the decking installation must be safe and secure – because the mistakes you make can cost you reparations or completely new decking.

2. Deck Design: Make A Plan

When designing a deck, you can rely on your own technical drawing and design skills – or you can get a ready-made plan. Today, such plans for building a deck can be found online – and you can also get ready-made plans when buying material for your deck. However, we must point out one thing: Each deck is unique and should be made according to the needs and tastes of the owner.

Therefore, it is best to hire professional deck builders. Although the difference in costs is significant – keep in mind that more expensive is sometimes cheaper in the end. When working independently, mistakes in following the plan very often occur.

Such mistakes require numerous corrections while work is in progress. Also, your deck must be designed to follow certain rules that you get with a building permit. When mistakes happen – the cheaper option will become much more expensive. Of course, there are also significant issues like safety.

3. Don’t Build A Deck Without A Permit


If you want to build a new deck, expand or reconstruct the existing one – for that, in many cities, it is necessary to obtain the appropriate construction permit. Although this is a procedure that most people find strenuous – we must point out that there are good reasons for such a thing.

Such permits most often refer to the issues of compliance with the building code in the area where you live – and there are also legal issues related to the security of the facility, the existence of a protective fence, etc. If you are looking for a quality fence for your property then you should check

So, it is a document that confirms that the main project was made by following all required regulations. Although many people consider this part of the job as an additional cost – you will eventually realize that this is a necessity that will benefit you to secure the facility, but also to obtain an insurance policy.

4. Pay Attention To Moisture Where You Will Do Your Decking

When designing and installing decking, attention should always be paid to avoiding permanent contact with water and moisture. A plan must be prepared in advance to allow water to drain – and protect the structure itself.

You should also prevent cracks in the wood as much as possible when work on your deck is done. Of course, if you want your deck to last a long time and look beautiful – it needs to be regularly maintained and cleaned. You should take care not to create additional damage to the floors.

5. Material Selection


If you decide to install decking – the biggest dilemma is which material to choose. Will you choose solid wood or composite decking (WPC). There are pros and cons of both materials. To give the right answer, we need to answer these questions:

  • Is the decking a platform for private use or a public facility?
  • Will the decking platform be in a sunny spot or not?
  • Are you planning to maintain it yourself or to hire a decking company?

The main reason why people choose wood is the initial cost savings. The main reason why people choose WPC decking – is that almost no maintenance is required. However, keep in mind that each material has a certain resistance to UV radiation.

If you still do not want to maintain decking once every two years – then choose WPC decking from reputable manufacturers. Make sure it comes with a certificate of UV protection. Don’t try to save money by choosing cheaper decking – because that’s a short-term solution.