12 Things To Look For When Buying An Electric Skateboard

Electric skateboards became popular among children and youth in recent years. Due to that, many companies have started producing various styles of electric skateboards. If you are on a hunt to buy an electric skateboard, either for yourself or as a gift to your pal or children, you must check out this guide.

With the presence of numerous electric skateboard manufacturers, it became difficult to choose the best one. To help you out, we are here with the list of things you need to consider before buying an electric skateboard. Visit for more information.

Top 12 Things To Consider When Purchasing An Electric Skateboard

Here, we will list down the 12 factors that you need to look for before buying an electric skateboard.

1. Motor Type


The hub motor system usually weighs less, gives less drag, and comes with decent brakes. Also, the hub motors are quieter and do not need heavy maintenance. If you consider the hill-climbing, braking, or acceleration features, the geared or pulley motors are better than the hub motors.

The belt drive motors help to deliver more torque, reasonable speed, and regenerative braking. However, belt drive motors need additional maintenance, and it is hard to ride them without using a battery.

2. Motor Wattage

Motor wattage is relatively crucial when it is about the electric skateboard’s power. In general, lower wattage means less power. The fewer power electric skateboards become distinct in lower speeds, better torque, and hill-climbing functionality.

If you want to ride the board in a hilly area with steep slopes, you need to buy the electric skateboard that comes with a minimum of 1500W. Plus, the gear distributions and motor controller parameters greatly influence torque. When you modify the gear ratios on the motor, the effects will be shown in torque and speed.

3. Deck Material


In general, the decks of the electric skateboards are made from fiberglass (carbon fiber) or bamboo. Some electric skateboard models have a mix of those two materials. The primary difference between these two deck materials is stiffness and flexibility. To be precise, the fiberglass deck board is stiffer, and Bamboo models are relatively flexible.

4. Electric Board Weight

Weight is another factor that you need to look out for when buying an electric skateboard. Some electric skateboard models are quite heavy, particularly if you possess long-range boards. Despite their compact size, they tend to weigh more. If you are likely to carry the skateboard with you to other locations, it is better to choose a much lighter model. Hence, it will be comfortable for you to hold it without much difficulty.

5. Range And Speed


The skateboard structure, your riding style, and your riding path affect the range of the electric skateboard. For instance, the street wheels tend to provide more range compared to the all-terrain models. Make sure to take a look at the technical specifications to know the speed and range of the electric skateboard.

6. Board Capacity And Weight Distribution

Here is one of the most underrated factors. Board capacity means the total weight the electric skateboard can support. If you tend to come under the heavyweight category, it is best to check how much weight the board can hold before buying it.

7. Durability


Some highly durable electric skateboards can withstand heavy beating on the streets. Make sure to check the durability of wheels as good and reliable wheels help to give a stable and smooth ride.

The most common durability problems with electric skateboards are broken trucks, plastic enclosure braking systems, and hub sleeves deterioration. Hence, it is recommended to choose an electric skateboard that is made of durable and long-lasting materials.

8. Thumb or Trigger Remote Control

Here comes another crucial factor you need to consider before buying the best electric skateboard. You need to choose between the thumb or trigger remote control, whichever you feel comfortable with. For instance, if you are more comfortable using trigger control than a thumb roller, choose the model with trigger control and vice versa.

The index finger is the most instinctive method to monitor anything. Besides that, you can easily control your electric skateboard with trigger control. Though the thumb roller works, many people usually prefer trigger control.

9. Water-resistant Model

As electric skateboards contain electronic parts, riding them on humid roads can be relatively risky. Even the leading companies do not manufacture completely waterproof electric skateboards. At most, you can find some water-resistant models.

Make sure that the skateboard has environmentally sealed enclosures to safeguard the inner components. If possible, it is best not to use your electric skateboard in the water at all.

10. Price

It is not necessary to empty your entire pockets to buy an expensive electric skateboard. Select a few models, compare their features, price, and then choose the one that matches your requirements at a reasonable cost.

In general, the boards that use lithium-ion batteries are more costly compared to boards that run on lead-acid batteries. Besides that, li-on batteries accommodate more liquid in a tinier jar. Some professional brands are usually expensive. The long-range feature and a powerful battery make the skateboard pricier.

11. Customization


Many professional skaters and even beginners often customize wheels, trucks, deck design, and decals to match their preferences. It is better not to buy electric skateboards, which do not support customization.

In the present market, several commercial boards provide you the entire control on the performance and power settings. Hence, you can adjust it as you wish.

12. Warranty And Customer Support

As electric skateboards are used on various terrains at different speeds, they tend to wear and tear. Hence, it is always better to buy models that provide a longer warranty period. Besides that, make sure to choose the brand that offers better customer support. So, when there is some trouble with the skateboard or if you want to buy extra accessories or spare parts, you can use the customer service tools to get in touch with the company.

Final word

With plenty of electric skateboard models available in the present market, choosing the best one could be quite challenging. However, by considering the above factors, it will be easy for you to choose and buy a highly effective electric skateboard.