How to Buy Bitcoins With Cash At Walmart

Bitcoin is a decentralized digital currency that has been highly talked about and loved in the last two years, but it has been around for quite some time. Are you just getting into using it as well? It is also a part of people’s lives in the marketing industry, for some it is a collectors thing, and slowly yet surely, it is becoming one form of paying for your cup of coffee whenever you’re out of the house. However, some of you might be wondering if it is possible to buy bitcoins with cash at Walmart? If so, keep on reading and see your options, as well as the most important things that you should know about down below.

How to buy and use your Bitcoin?


Are you a proud owner of Bitcoins or different cryptocurrencies? Maybe you already do a lot of shopping with your BTC, instead of your cash?

Did you know that buying Bitcoin at Walmart is an option at the moment? However, it might be a bit complicated for some newbies. Making this switch and buying BTC will happen for sure if (or when) people start buying BTC at an actual store, and not exchanging it. Luckily for you and according to, you will be able to use new crypto in most stores in 2023, called Libra! It is becoming quite popular in the U.S. They have also some other major news when it comes to Libra, and you should give them a click if you wish to understand your options and learn a bit more!

So, where and how to buy Bitcoin with cash?

Well, the most popular technique and approach are with peer-to-peer trading venues with Walmart2 money transfer. Make sure to find a seller on sites such as LocalBitcoins or LocalCryptos where you can use Walmart2 money transfer as your go-to feature. Make sure to stick to a good reputation when it comes to your chosen site, because the higher number of trades, the more trustworthy it is. Make a deposit to your account and watch how BTC releases directly to your account. It will take a couple of seconds, literally!

What’s the deal with BTC ATMs?


Did you know that Bitcoin ATMs are nowadays everywhere? They are quite popular in the U.S., and you can spot them everywhere you go. When leaving your house you should use your ID card as well as your phone to purchase more bitcoin. So, make sure that you have:

  • Cash
  • Phone
  • E-wallet (if you want or prefer this method)

If this is your first time getting familiar with Bitcoin you should ask someone for their assistance, just make sure that they are a pro when it comes to these types of transactions. Watch out for some thieves and identity thefts, they are quite popular in the mining, crypto, or BTC industry. 

Is there a BTC ATM at your Walmart?

So, where do you live? Some states and countries are more modern and better developed than others. However and unfortunately, at this very moment, the BATM is not available yet (the BATM stands for bitcoin ATM), which means that you should purchase your BTC only and directly from Walmart. Some experts still predict and believe that we will be having these BATM’s quite soon in some of the biggest and busiest Walmarts. This mostly applies to states such as California, Washington, Nevada, and New York. If you are lucky enough to live somewhere near, you might experience this swift change before anyone else. 

Can I buy a gift card?


If you wanted to buy Bitcoin with a gift card, this still wouldn’t be possible. The only way to use it is if you already have Bitcoins, or if you know of someone willing to share them with you. This can be a bit tricky, so rather stay away from gift cards at the moment. 

What about online peer-to-peer transactions?

You can use Walmart Gift Card to buy BTC on different sites. Make sure to check out a vendor that sells BTC using Walmart gift cards or create your own account and use the BTC balance. Some sites will allow you to set your own rates and decide your margins per your preference. If you are a picky person and this is something quite important to you, make sure to go for some trustworthy sites and vendors who will give you a practical yet customizable solution. Peer to peer transactions are always a good idea, as long as you have experience with the site, or if the site has good and trustworthy reviews.

Can I get BTC with prepaid cards?


Last, but not least, this is something that most people want to know when it comes to BTC or other similar cryptocurrencies. This part is still being developed, which means that you might use it in some rare cases. Those are through Local Bitcoins, Paxful, or LocalCryptos, some of the most popular sites at the moment. Make sure to find a trusted seller and someone who offers their prepaid cards and phones at a reasonable price. 

PS: Remember that pre-loaded cards are not the same thing as charge cards. These are not linked to your financial records. This feature is still relatively new, but it will work in most cases. 

Ready to shop?

Are you ready to make your next purchase? A lot of people prefer BTC over other cryptocurrencies. It is definitely one of the most talked-about and used cryptos on the market. However, some other new cryptos are coming out to the market, and are setting the bars quite high! Luckily for you, BTC is safe to use at your local Walmart, although it is believed that other cryptos will become a safe-bet and an amazing choice in the upcoming months. Let us know your thoughts and your current experience down below, we would love to know where you stand when it comes to BTC and online shopping, as well as transactions!