Top 10 Best Michael Jackson Songs From Album Dangerous

Top 10 Best Michael Jackson Songs From Album Dangerous
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Dangerous is Michael’s 8th studio album and a remarkable one for sure. People loved it for the elements of love and romance. Michael has proved his talent so many times and still comes back with a different flavor. His new album in 1991 established that truth once again. In this article, we’re talking about the 10 best songs of Dangerous and its stories.

1. Jam

The Michael that we have always known was loving, compassionate, and believed injustice. “Jam” bears the same essence and spreads the message of brotherhood and harmony. His voice spoke for the needy and sufferers; that’s what made him the pop icon of common mass. Teddy Riley did a fantastic job and introduced the new jack in this song.

2. In The Closet

Some feelings aren’t appropriate to express, or sometimes it’s just not possible. Here Michael introduces a dilemma: Why can’t someone be open about those and wants to conceal it just between the people. Besides this, he also tells a great deal about lust and other extreme forms of love. “In the Closet” is undoubtedly an intimate song, and people loved it for its spirit.

3. Will You Be There

“Will You Be There” is often considered among the most commercially successful songs of Dangerous. Also, it has a public appeal that makes it almost impossible to ignore the mysterious beat. The song has a slight touch of the remarkable composer Beethoven.

4. Who Is it

It’s a fact that not everyone is lucky enough to hold onto a relationship lifelong. But still, we cry, we feel devastated when that very event occurs to us; in the song “Who Is It,” Michael, too, focuses on such events. Wounds eventually heal, but such acts seem not only unfair but cruel.

5. Remember the Time

The music is light, calm, and romantic, perfect for an evening with dim light and a heart full of memory. The second single of Dangerous feels like Michael has pledged to melt those eyes and make everyone feel loved once again. Such music is truly rare, and only Michael could have created them.

6. Black or White

Here comes “Black or White”; I would say it’s the most popular song of the album. Michael’s songs have so many underlying layers that one can interpret them in various forms. I could talk about the message of racial equality or the affection that supersedes color and race. He understood everything and taught us how to look at the bright side.

7. Heal The World

Michael Jackson is celebrated all over the world for various reasons. Someone from the US may say he’s a great singer, and someone from the middle-east would say- ‘he saved my life.’ Yeah, Michael spoke for children welfare, eradication of poverty, and provided for thousands of people worldwide who suffered. Because he wanted to “Heal The World.” This song is the anthem that he composed for humanity.

8. Why You Wanna Trip on me

Michael was a compassionate, gentle, and calm person, but even he spoke against the system many times. In this song, he pointed out several problems that our world has been facing for centuries- yet no one wants to talk about that. That’s why he reminded them of their duties.

9. She drives me wild

Attractive women have driven artists crazy for centuries; this song is another example of such an incident. Michael is shocked and excited, having found a girl who is literally perfect from every aspect. He even used the word “statistical fact” to support his statement. People love such romantic songs, and this one too became a very popular one.

10. Dangerous

The title track of the album is a masterpiece and one of Michael’s best creations. “Dangerous” is a song about a girl who moves around like an irresistible beauty but will do no good to him. Yet he walks into the trap knowingly, because of the wild attraction that lady had.