Top 7 Best Michael Jackson Songs From HIStory Album

Top 7 Best Michael Jackson Songs From HIStory Album
Michael Jackson Photoshoot During Childhood music video shoot in 1995/Sony/Epic/ Image: Pinterest

Michael Jackson published his 9th album in 1995. After a career spanning four decades, he came to a phase where everything was so negative for him. Media, police, court, people- as if he were living in a dystopic world. As a result, he created HIStory: Past, Present, and Future, Book I. It was a compilation of previously released and original songs of him. The album was an answer to all the insults and attacks on him. Michael also used it to spread his message of peace and harmony in people.

There is a total of 15 songs in the album (Disc two) but in this article, we’ll take a look at the best 7. Enjoy!

7. Childhood

Micahel had a childhood that no one would ever desire. On many occasions, he opened up about his experience with his father. This song is also a reflection of that period of his life. Many of his fans and critics consider it as an autobiographical work. “Have you seen my Childhood?”, he searches, the long lost tails of good days

6. You Are Not Alone

The sudden strike of losing the person you loved the most leaves you numb. This song, written by R. Kelly carries the agony of a lover who refuses to feel the vacuum of his life. Michael’s soulful voice has created magic in “You are not Alone”, all the emotions can be felt spot on. Altogether it’s a great song with a meaningful lyric.

5. HIStory

It talks about the struggle and fights for Michael and how one can create his own history. The world is always in chaos, no matter how noble your cause is, the fight is what’ll keep you going. Michael has been very clear with his message in the whole album and in this song too. He is never afraid to ask questions, Michael asks to live on the prophet’s plan instead of killing each other. The song might not be popular but it’s strong and sticks to the brain.

4. Smile

“Smile” is actually a sing composed by Charlie Chaplin and written later by John Turner and Geoffrey Parsons. It was Michael’s favorite song and he always wanted to sing a cover of the song. So he included this beautiful piece of music in “HIStory” but for some reason, it never made it to the real album and got canceled midway.

3. Stranger In Moscow

Some song leaves their fragrance for decades and the message they conveyed still makes sense. “Stranger in Moscow” is something like that. Michael describes his pain as the world around him comes crumbling down with controversy, false accusations, and hatred. It was originally a poem that he converted into a song. Anyone familiar with Michael’s work can feel the bitterness of the artist’s mind and decipher the meaning as he feels a “swift and sudden fall from grace”.

2. Earth Song

Michael’s heart had always beaten for mankind, animal welfare, and nature. In this song, his angelic voice melted down millions of people with the message to save the Earth. “Earth Song” is undoubtedly one of the best songs ever composed that addresses environmental consciousness. It topped the chart in the UK and other European countries.

1. They Don’t Care About Us

Unlike other songs of Michael, this is arguably the most controversial song of his career. The fifth single of the “HIStory” album paints a picture of the corrupted world and how it treats the common people, who have no money and power. Unfortunately, critics misinterpreted the lyrics and labeled it as antisemitic. But even today it remains equally popular and the aroma of anti-establishment continues.