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How to Find the Best-Match Music for a Car Drive?

The UK Motorists’ Association for Road Safety conducted a study and found that traffic crash statistics are directly related to the music the driver was listening to while in the car. The experts came to the conclusion that the driver’s attention to the traffic situation depends on the type of music the driver listens to, and, consequently, the risk of getting into an accident is highly dependent on it. In the course of the study, multiple experiments were carried out and hundreds of drivers were involved.

According to the results of the experiments, it turned out that drivers who prefer to listen to slow, calm music in the car retain their psychological balance and adequacy to everything that happens on the road. On the other hand, drivers listening to fast music began to subconsciously worry and unconsciously increased their speed. During a fast rhythm, inexperienced drivers rearranged the feeling of the car, forgot to change gears, and made many mistakes.

It also turned out that with loud music playing in the car, the risk of getting into an accident increases. The driver simply stops hearing sound signals given to him by other road users and also simply does not react to approaching vehicles. In addition, loud music makes it difficult for novice drivers to hear the engine of the car, by the operation of which they determine the shift to a higher gear. Obviously, picking the right music for car driving is no less important than running a FaxVin check when you purchase it. Both allow you to avoid potential problems and risks.

What Way to Go?


Based on the above, there is a clear relationship between the music you listen to while driving and your concentration on the road. This means that listening to certain music can even cause an accident in the worst scenario. Therefore, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with what is better to listen to while driving and know what you should refrain from.

  • There is an opinion that it is better to listen to something rhythmic on the road in the morning hours. It should be something that will not make you want to sleep, and it is also desirable to turn on the music louder. 
  • In the evening, car enthusiasts should give their preference to something more melodic; such music will help you relax after a hard day. 

However, it is still important to find a balance. Rhythmic music can be dangerous because when listening to it, the driver becomes nervous, prone to sudden movements and acceleration. These are all factors that can trigger an accident on the road. So, it’s best not to listen to hard rock, RNB, hip-hop, and similar styles while driving. It is essential to remember that loud music is also the enemy of the driver, because if it fills the passenger compartment, then you may not hear the warning signals, and this can also end in disaster.

The optimal choice for a driver behind the wheel is light calm melodies. While you listen to such music, your driving style will become calmer, smoother; you will not want to increase the speed. So, it’s best to listen to jazz or classical music when on a road. For drivers who are under stress, the music of such composers as Hans Zimmer or John Williams is suitable.

According to the research, the most suitable music is the one with a tempo of 60 to 80 beats per minute. It should match the driver’s heart rate. According to the study, the most suitable songs are American jazz singer and pianist Norah Jones. Also in the ranking of safe bands and artists, there are Travie McCoy, Jason Mraz, Aerosmith, Radiohead, and Bon Iver.

Details Matter


Colleagues from Ben-Gurion University in Israel came to different conclusions. In their opinion, it is not the style of the music that matters but how it affects the driver. If the composition makes a person think about the past, go into dreams, or evoke some other strong emotions, then such music is not suitable for car driving. Drivers become distracted and forget to follow the road, which in turn leads to severe accidents. Similar data was confirmed by Erie Insurance. According to their study, daydreaming or fantasizing while driving is the cause of fatal accidents in 60% of cases.

So, according to scientists, preference should be given to light and calm music that does not cause any strong emotions or feelings in a person. Compositions should be moderately cheerful and energetic. But the most important thing is that the driver likes the sound; otherwise, it can also negatively affect driving. Unloved compositions cause stress and distraction. It is advisable for inexperienced car enthusiasts to give up listening to music altogether, especially fast music. Young participants in the experiment, which was discussed above, completely forgot to change gears when choosing such music.

Make Your Driving Experience Smooth


Well-chosen playlists with the best tracks will not only add bright colors to your future trips but will also charge you with positive emotions right now when you are not going anywhere. Driving without music is like flying without wings. On a country road, on a race track, or on the way home from work, it’s almost impossible to imagine a trip without a suitable soundtrack. Not taking cool music with you on the road is almost the same as forgetting the steering wheel at home. 

That’s why we recommend that you approach music selection with special care and responsibility. Instead of playing a random tracklist, pick the songs that you like, and that helps you stay concentrated at 100% while on the road. It is best to have two different playlists (or even more) for different moods, times of the day, and types of driving. In such a way, you can be sure that you will not get bored or irritated listening to the very same song seven days a week.