13 Benefits of Protein Shakes for Women

There are plenty of ways by which a person can achieve a healthy lifestyle and have a body that’s fit and toned. Most people would rely on a proper and balanced diet nowadays, primarily because you are what you eat. And if what you eat is healthy, then there’s a higher chance of becoming healthy as well. Most people rely on incorporating fruits and vegetables because of manifested health benefits, but others would prefer protein-containing food, which is also healthy.

Today, we will be focusing on protein shakes. Food with protein contains amino acids, and these are actually the building blocks of body cells. These forms muscles and thereby enable you to achieve a leaner body.

Protein intake is so common to athletes and those inclined for sports. So, if you desire to have bodies similar to them, protein shakes would be a good start for you, especially if you are a woman. But what’s in it for you if you opt to partake in protein shakes?

1. A good alternative to achieve weight loss


Most women are conscious of their weight not merely for vanity’s sake but for their well-being. Sometimes, our biggest enemy is cravings, and we tend to consume more food than necessary, and this could contribute to our weight

. Protein shakes can satiate an individual easily. It makes a person feel full without having to consume carbohydrates and calories. It’s like satisfying food cravings but in a good way. It’s also been proven through studies that women who take protein shakes had significant weight loss.

2. Enables women to achieve good bodily strength and mass

Taking protein shakes permits the formation of muscles, and this efficiently burns calories. What’s also good about protein shakes is that they enable a person to digest protein easily.

3. Key to sustain bodily muscles


Protein shakes, as said earlier, are rich sources of amino acids, which are the building blocks of cells. Also, these play a role in the formation of muscles around the body.

4. Helps women achieve lean, worked-out body

One particular benefit of protein is that they enable you to have that toned body because of its properties. It aids the creation of muscle mass that thereby forms and tones your body. The more protein shakes you consume, or any food rich in protein for that matter, the more your body synthesizes it.

Protein shakes, when accompanied by exercise and other healthy food, will aid in helping you achieve the body you want. If you want to learn more about nutrition and healthy eating, reliable sources such as Nody can help.

5. Aids the regeneration of muscles


Protein is pro-muscle, and that means if you consume protein shakes, it will give you this benefit. Also, protein shakes relieve muscle pains.

6. Protein shakes are also beneficial to other systems and parts of the body

The amino acids found in protein shakes can boost your immune system. Collagen, a kind of protein, also supports your bones, skin, hair, and nails.

7. Protein aids and promotes good digestion


Protein-containing food such as protein shakes produces enzymes that help easy digestion for women.

8. Protein shakes lessens your tendencies to be hungry and easily makes you full

Proteins works on your hormones specifically Ghrelin hormones that initiate a sense of hunger, and Peptide YY, a hormone that initiates a sense of fullness in the tummy. Proteins reduce the levels of the former hormone and increase the levels of the latter hormone. In other words, protein serves as a replacement for your carbs cravings.

9. Protein shakes increase one’s metabolism while burning fat faster than ever before


It is said that the more protein you partake, the more your metabolism is being boosted. Also, Proteins have more TEF or Thermic Effect of Food than fat or carbs. The more protein you take, the more calories would be burned that may be equivalent to an hour of exercise.

10. Protein shakes could lower one’s blood pressure

If you will opt to drink protein shakes, you will most likely avoid experiencing heart attacks, strokes, and kidney diseases that are caused by high blood pressure. This is proven by certain health studies, which show that for 40 trials, high protein intake has lowered systolic blood pressure.

11. Protein shakes permit easy repair of the body after it has been injured


What’s good about Protein intake is because since it has amino acids that serve as the building blocks of the cell, they help your body recuperate after it has experienced an injury. This is because proteins build the tissues and the organs around your body. Also, studies have shown that when you eat much protein after an injury, it can make recovery even faster.

12. Protein shakes will help you stay fit even as your age increases

This is in connection with the information stated on number four. We know that as we age, our cells and our body gradually weakens, including our vital organs, skin and muscles, and our bodies as a whole.

However, protein shakes and other protein-containing foods help you slow the deterioration of bodily muscles brought about by age. With proper exercise, protein shakes could be beneficial even when growing older.

13. Protein shakes also takes care of your bones


Protein intakes help bone mass strengthened and fortified according to studies, and when our bones are well taken care of, women are most likely to avoid bone-related diseases such as sarcopenia and osteoporosis, which often happens when women are near her menopausal stage.

Final Words

We still go back to the “you are what you eat” principle and “everything goes somewhere else” law of science. Whatever you do to your body will always have an effect on you. It could be on your mental or physical health.

If you want to experience the benefit aforementioned, then protein shakes could be one of the keys to it. Protein shakes have proven to be beneficial to one’s body in so many ways, and they just cannot be eliminated from your diet.