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What Does it Take to Become a Gaming Influencer?

Gaming influencers are some of the most popular brand influencers around. Yet, it isn’t easy to turn your time at an online casino into a gaming influencer gig. It takes hard work, time, and preparation to break through as a famous influencer.

We can notice a huge increase in the popularity of gaming streamers in recent years. People love watching good players while they are playing since they can learn some combos and moves that will help them to become better as well. Also, it can be a profitable profession today. Popular streamers are earning few thousand per month, and some of them even more.

The main advantage is the flexibility that you can have with your videos. You can choose some of the most popular titles that you are good at. Also, you can stream retro games and many other titles that can make a lot of people interested. The point is to be more unique.

For example, one of the recent trends is that many people are sharing streams while they are playing casino games. If you prefer online gambling, this can be a great way to increase your popularity. Also, you will have to choose a good and reliable online gambling platform as well, like this website.

If you are interested in starting as a streamer and show how good you are in gaming, there are some important things that you should know about it. Below, we’ve compiled the basics of gaming influencing to help you start your new gaming career today.

The Gear


The difference between gaming for fun and gaming for profession relies on the gear. Gamers will need much more tech than gaming stations to build their brand. The technology behind gaming influencers varies depending on game genera and game system. Still, some essentials remain the same.

The must-have tech and gear for gaming influencers include the following:

  • Microphone
  • Video Camera
  • Editing laptop/computer
  • Professional lighting
  • Sound-proof foam
  • HDMI cords

This list is just the basics and doesn’t include complicated techs like switchboards or streaming boxes. Comprehensive buyers guides from online show the best basic and luxury gear, price tags included.

Beginning your influencer career will be a major investment and require constant tech upgrades and maintenance. We recommend starting small with the basics before investing in expensive name-brand gear. This allows influencers to practice with tech and make mistakes without worrying about price tags.

The great thing is that you can find equipment for the start for an affordable price. There might be some differences in quality due to the cheaper devices you are using, but you can always upgrade your gear over time. For example, many new phones, especially flagship devices, have excellent cameras and mics.

Therefore, you can start with your phone and see if there is a potential for you in this branch. That will help you to avoid spending a lot of money in case that people simply aren’t following you in the desired volume. There are other skills required for becoming a good streamer rather than just being good in playing games.

The Platforms


Now that you have the gear, you need to start producing content. Many influencers choose one major platform to connect with, like Instagram or Tik Tok, and use others for secondary content and brand management. Gaming influencers frequently make their home on platforms like Twitch and Youtube.

There is more to influencer platforming outside of social media, however. The industry includes many professional sites for marketing, brand management, and content inspiration. These sites connect influencers to potential sponsors and partners, turning popularity into something professional.

Some platforms may require a financial investment to join, others a certain follower count on social media. The more touch points you have in the digital world, the better. Connecting your multiple media to your main gaming hub will ensure potential followers and brands find you on all corners of the internet.

The best options for sharing live videos are YouTube and Twitch, but you will need other popular platforms to increase your popularity. You can use Instagram and Facebook as well, where you can upload some content and links to the main page.

The Resolve


Gaming influencers are doing more than just playing games for an audience. Hours of work go into every live stream and video. Posts need editing, computers need troubleshooting, and wires often need untangling. For many, when the camera turns on, they are committing to hours of straight work.

When you are an influencer, every action you make is recorded and commented on. Though fanbases bring fame, they also bring criticism and hate. Not everyone will like your work or how you play the game, and the more vocal ones, the trolls, need to be managed. Influencers have to learn how to navigate positive and negative feedback without letting it overwhelm them.

The field is filled with burnout and mental exhaustion. Being ‘live’ for the camera and dealing with a less than appreciative fanbase is draining. Learning how to put yourself first and the content second is key to a healthy influencer career.

The best solution is to be more creative, and find a way to make it more interesting for the viewers to enjoy in your videos. We can notice that the most common option streamers are using is the simply talk about their current actions. It depends on the game and how many action is there.

For example, if you are playing some FPS title, like Call of Duty or Counter Strike, it will be more interesting if are commenting your actions and talking about your next moves, decisions, and explain why you are playing that way. On the other hand, there are some more passive games, like Hearthstone, where you can talk more about the strategies and selection of characters in different situations.


Successful influencing takes more than popularity and a good smile. With the right gear, proper platforming, and hard work, you may just find yourself at the top of the trending tag. The essential part is to create a good background and come up with ideas that will make you appear interesting and original to the audience. The competition is very high, which means that you will need to be charismatic, creative, and have excellent communication skills.

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