Musicraiser Accelerator

The first accelerator program helping artists raise funds and get a record deal.

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musicraiser accelerator
Livel 1 FIRESTARTER We present your project on our social media.
Get discounts to print t-shirts and merchandising with our partners.
By engaging: 30 Raiser
Livel 2 ROCKET MAN We add you to the Hot Projects sent via email to our raisers.
Join the Musicraiser Roster Live.
By engaging: 50 Raiser
Livel 3 Fly me to the moon We recommend you to our network of Booking Agencies, Managers, Promoters and Producers.
Your project added to the weekly Musicraiser Newsletter.
By engaging: 70 Raiser
Livel 4 INTERGALACTIC You get free Professional Online Mastering for your tracks.
Your interview on the Musicraiser Blog.
By engaging: 100 Raiser
Livel 5 SPACE ODDITY We present your project to the best Music Magazines.
We add your Banner in our Homepage.
By engaging: 120 Raiser
Livel 6 CHAMPAGNE SUPERNOVA You get free print of all CDs booked during your campaign.
Your show live on our Facebook page.
By engaging: 150 Raiser
Livel 7 ACROSS THE UNIVERSE We offer you a digital and physical Distribution Deal.
A dedicated Press Office to promote your album.
By engaging: 250 Raiser
Boost up your visibility! Reach up to 200.000 new potential fans with Musicraiser Accelerator promotion.

To launch your next album you need a passionate audience that is in target with your musical genre. By joining the Musicraiser Accelerator you will be able to reach over 200.000 music lovers who will discover your project and become potential fans and supporters of your music!

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