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General questions

The Creator (project creator)

The Raiser (campaign supporter)


What does "All or nothing" mean?

It’s the basic principle of Musicraiser under which a project is funded only if it reaches the minimum collection target set for its realization. If the collection target is not reached, Raisers are reimbursed the amount contributed, the Creator doesn’t receive anything, nor does Musicraiser.

What does "Creator" mean?

Creator is the one who creates a crowdfunding campaign on Musicraiser. It can be an artist, a band, a label, a promoter, and all those who want to make a project where there is music, in any form or derivation.

What does "Crowdfunding" mean?

It is the service that Musicraiser offers to the Creators to receive microfunding by Raisers,
giving the Raisers exclusive rewards in exchange.

What does "Duration of the project" mean?

The time frame of the crowdfunding campaign.

What does "Project" mean?

It’s the set of activities related to the management of a crowdfunding campaign. The project owner is the creator of the project (Creator). The Creator on Musicraiser will manage his/her own page which will include a blog, information about him/herself, a project, a video presentation, and rewards.

What does "Raiser" mean?

The person who contributes financially to the realization of crowdfunding campaigns on
Musicraiser in exchange for exclusive rewards designed and delivered directly from the creators of
projects (Creators).

What does "Reward" mean?

All that the Creator will give to the Raisers in exchange for a financial contribution. It can be
items or services, performances, physical or digital.

What does "Take part in a project" mean?

To receive a reward in exchange for a financial contribution.

What does "Target minimum" mean?

The amount of money that is needed and that the Creator has set as a goal in order to implement a project.

What does "User" mean?

Someone who visits or subscribes to the Musicraiser site.

What does "Widget" mean?

The Facebook application that allows you to replicate the project page on the Facebook page
administered by the Creator.

Basic Information

Can I access Musicraiser other than through Facebook?

Yes, you can unlink your Facebook account and register on Musicraiser by setting your email and password.

Can I change the information in my profile?

Of course, you can manage your profile by modifying the Account Settings.

Can I unsubscribe from Musicraiser?

Yes, using the button "Disable Account".

Do I have to pay to subscribe to the site and/or create a project?

No, services are free.

Do I have to pay to visit the site?

No, services are free.

Does Musicraiser enjoy intellectual property rights over what is published on the site?

No. For more information please see the Terms and Conditions of Use.

How do I register?

By registering on the platform and creating your own user profile.

I forgot my password, what can I do?

On the login screen you will find a link that allows you to enter your email address and receive instructions for setting a new password.

I forgot my User ID, what can I do?

We don’t have a User ID. Login is completed via email and password.

Musicraiser is on Facebook?

Yes, https://www.facebook.com/Musicraiser

Musicraiser tweets?

Sure, https:/www.twitter.com/Musicraiser

What are the rewards?

All that the Creator will give to the Raisers in exchange for a financial contribution. They can be
items or services, performances, physical or digital.

What does Facebook show of my activities on Musicraiser?

Your activities on Musicraiser will be shown on Facebook only if you wish them to be shown (you can choose to disable the feature): users that follow you, campaigns launched or supported, and comments and posts published.

What does Musicraiser gain?

Musicraiser will retain 15% for our comprehensive expertise, transaction costs and taxes, only if the campaign is successful.

What does Musicraiser show of my Facebook activities?

Musicraiser shows nothing of the activities on Facebook (it will only take your name, email, profile picture and list of friends).

What is Musicraiser?

The digital platform where you can create or participate in the making of musical projects through the instrument of crowdfunding.

What types of liability does Musicraiser have?

Musicraiser is only an intermediary between users and is solely responsible for its software platform.

For more information, go to the Terms and Conditions of Use.

When a campaign ends, what happens?

All or nothing: when a campaign reaches or exceeds the full collection target, the
Creator will receive the sum to complete the project and deliver the rewards to Raisers.

If the campaign does not reach 100% the Creator does not receive the fixed sum (minimum target
collection) and Raisers who contributed will be refunded at no additional cost.

Where can I find the Musicraiser logo?

You can ask us for the logo by sending an email to : info@musicraiser.com

Where can I find the Musicraiser press kit?

You can ask us for the press kit by sending an email to : info@musicraiser.com

Who can create projects?

Almost everyone : just be registered with the site and be at least 18 years old.

Who can support projects?

Everyone who is at least 18 years old.

In the case of minors between 13 and 18 years of age, consent is required from the parents.

Who is Musicraiser?

Musicraiser is an idea of ​​Giovanni Gulino, singer and author of Marta Sui Tubi, and Tania Varuni, dj, promoter and founder of Secret Concerts. Musicraiser’s staff consists of a team of professionals in the music business.

Why should I sign in through Facebook?

To access your campaign more quickly and simply, to share the activities on the site on the Facebook Timeline, and in order to see the projects and activities of your friends.

Why support a project?

For 3 reasons:

1. Receive exclusive rewards custom designed by the Creator for their Raisers.

2. Feel a part of a project that you believe in.

3. Contributing to the realization of a dream.

Why “all or nothing”?

For 3 reasons :

1. Credibility and transparency - the Creator is encouraged to set a reasonable financial goal.

2. Active participation - the Creator and Raisers are encouraged to involve their friends and to make as many people as possible aware of the campaign, in order to obtain the necessary funds for the project.

3. Meritocracy - if a certain number of people contribute to the project until they reach or
exceed the fixed sum, it deserves to be achieved.

The Creator (project creator)

After a successful crowdfunding campaign, when will I get the amount of money?

The credit will be made after 15 working days from the end of the campaign.

Can I change my project while it is in the approval process?

Yes, but be prompt in making us aware of the changes.

Can I open a crowdfunding campaign on other sites while I have an ongoing campaign on Musicraiser?

Yes, but it’s highly discouraged.

Can I stop my crowdfunding?

No, unless there are serious circumstances that prevent you from carrying out your campaign. The campaign will end upon the expiration date that you've chosen.

Can you add additional rewards during the campaign?


Do I have to make a video presentation?

Yes, it’s crucial!

The video is the most direct and effective communication tool for you to introduce and present your project.

You can create it by yourself, go to a friend or videomaker, or ask the professionals. It depends on your ability.

In any case, you can create a video made with a smartphone or a camera, but the important thing is that the result is original, creative, sincere, and of excellent quality.

Do I have to upload the video to Musicraiser?

No, just provide the link to the video that you have uploaded to YouTube.

How are projects selected to appear on the homepage of Musicraiser?

The various projects will be published on the homepage of Musicraiser. Those projects on the homepage will benefit through greater visibility and number of Raisers.

How can I interact with users and what can I publish on my Musicraiser page?

You can post in the blog section of your page, all the content you want: news, comments, video clips and photographs.

How can I use the blog page of my project?

The blog is a tool that Musicraiser provides you with in order to raise awareness of your project. Keep it up to date and interact with other users. Whenever you post content in the blog, your Raisers and followers of the campaign will receive a notification via email.

On the blog you can post all the content you want: video, audio, photographs and comments.

How do I contact a Raiser who chose a reward that requires customization (home concert, dedicated song, t-shirts, sweatshirts, ...)?

Privately via email (you will be given the contact info of the Raiser).

How do I create a project?

Click "Propose" and submit your project. If accepted, we will give you access to a restricted area of
Musicraiser where you can upload the contents of your crowdfunding campaign.

How long does a crowdfunding campaign last?

At your discretion, and no longer than 60 days.

How long should the video be?

We suggest that you don’t make your video too long because people tend not to watch the end.

The optimal duration should be 2 to 3 minutes, but if you feel the need for a different duration, you are free to choose.

How long will it take to know if my project has been approved?

Within a few business days you will know if your project has been approved or if you need to make changes in order to be approved.

How many projects can be submitted at the same time?

As many as you want, but remember that one made well project is better than many not made well.

How many rewards can I create?

As many as you want.

I have a contract with a record company or a manager. Can I create a project?

Of course, unless you have signed contracts that forbid you from this type of activity.

Alternatively, your record company will open a project for you.

I started crowdfunding, can I change my profile picture and/or video?

No, you can’t personally change it, but Musicraiser can do it at your request. Remember, in any case, to use the images that best represent you, and that you want to be associated with during the crowdfunding campaign by all Musicraiser users.

If a user wants to contact me can they? How do they do this?

They can write to you via your personal email, if you’ve provided it.

If I reach the amount that I need before the end of the campaign, what happens?

Crowdfunding continues until the time limit: you have the opportunity to collect additional contributions and Raisers can continue to select rewards.

If I realize that I may not be able to realize my project once the crowdfunding campaign begins, what do I do?

You will have to repay the Raisers taking into account that your image may be compromised. In case you decide not to repay the Raisers, Musicraiser is not responsible for any legal action possibly taken against you.

In order to avoid this problem, we recommend that you present a project that you believe you can accomplish.

If my crowdfunding campaign is not successful, does it remain on the site or is it removed?

Projects that do not reach the predetermined number will be removed from the site immediately after the end of the campaign.

If the campaign fails, can I repeat the same project?

We encourage you to carefully evaluate this opportunity with us.

If the collection is successful, who bears the transaction costs of the Raisers?

If the collection is successful, transaction costs related to the rewards are the responsibility of the creator of the project.

Is a project approved before it is put online?

Of course, all projects before being published online, are assessed and approved by a Musicraiser tutor.

Is it mandatory to create the rewards?

Yes, the rewards are the heart of the campaign as they allow you to actively involve your Raisers.

Is it possible to start more than one crowdfunding campaign at the same time?

Yes, but we recommend that you discuss this decision with us.

Is there a contract I must accept in order to create a project?

The Creator must approve the Terms and Conditions of Use.

Is there a minimum or maximum amount that I can request for my rewards?

Starting with 1 €. You can choose, at your discretion, amounts to be associated with your rewards.

Is there a minimum or maximum amount that I can request through the crowdfunding campaign?

No, it's up to you to assess and estimate how much you need to accomplish your project.

Remember that it is much better to be credible by setting a reasonable fee.

Musicraiser can delete or modify my rewards?

Musicraiser reserves the right to modify or eliminate the rewards that are not consistent with the
principles and rules of conduct.

Musicraiser will help me to spread my project?

Musicraiser makes use of the newsletter and its web channels (Twitter, Facebook, Google+) to
publicize your project and to support it.

My project was canceled, why?

Musicraiser avails the right to remove all projects from the site deemed ineligible.

Once my video is uploaded on my Musicraiser page, can I share it on other sites?

Yes! Sharing is the basis of a successful crowdfunding campaign. You can share the video presentation and spread it to your heart's content anywhere you want, including social networks.

What are the criteria for which a project is approved?

Projects are approved by Musicraiser based on their credibility, quality, feasibility and transparency.

What basic information should the video contain?

You should talk about yourself and your project.

There are no limits to your creativity and your imagination: remember however, to be clear, original and engaging on what you are and what you want to accomplish.

What documents must be submitted when you start a campaign on Musicraiser?

The fiscal details of the creator and his/her PayPal address for receiving funds.

What format should the video be in?

The video must be in high quality. You'll need to first upload it to YouTube, and then you can
insert the video link (YouTube) on your Musicraiser project page.

What happens if I collect more funding than I asked for?

You can use the surplus to make your project better. The money collected will be credited, less 15%, for our comprehensive expertise, transaction costs and taxes.

What happens if the crowdfunding campaign fails?

According to the principle of "all or nothing" used by Musicraiser, if you don’t reach the preset number, you will not receive anything. Musicraiser will not gain anything either. The Raisers will be reimbursed at no additional charge to them.

What information is needed to activate my account?

Your name, email and password are sufficient. Then you can customize your profile with further

What is a reward?

All that the Creator will give to the Raisers in exchange for their economic contribution.

They can be items or services, performances, physical or digital.

What is a widget?

It is the Facebook application that allows you to replicate your Musicraser project page on the Facebook page.

What is the percentage of collected funds that Musicraiser holds after a successful campaign?

Musicraiser holds 15% for costs related to our skills, taxes and the cost of transaction.

What other resources can I use to spread news of my project?

It is highly recommended that you spread your project through the web and social networks.

You can ask your friends to do the same thing by sharing news of your campaign on their personal pages. Moreover, thanks to the widget, you can provide a link to your project on the Musicraiser site, on Facebook pages administered by you.

What requirements should I have to propose a project?

You must be at least 18 years old regardless of nationality, religion, or gender.

When do I have to deliver the rewards?

You must deliver the rewards as soon as possible after the end of the campaign.

Where can I find guidelines for creating my project?

Read the "Academy" section.

Who bears the costs of the rewards?

The Creator, upon a successful campaign, must deliver the rewards to the Raisers and pay the shipping costs.

Who can guarantee that my project is successful?

Musicraiser can’t guarantee success. We strive to spread the news of your project as much as possible, but ultimately, the outcome of your crowdfunding depends on you - how you spread your campaign and involve Raisers.

Who is in charge of your PayPal account to which contributions are made for users?

Musikstarter S.R.L

Why is it necessary to approve a project?

Musicraiser strives to ensure credibility, quality, feasibility and transparency to their community.

Why was my project not approved?

Musicraiser didn’t believe that your project presented the quality standards of successful projects on the platform.

Will there be a mentor to guide me during the creation of my project?

Yes. Each project will be assigned a Tutor who will be responsible for following you at all stages of creation to make sure that your project has all the necessary features to be well presented.

The Raiser (campaign supporter)

Can I choose to remain anonymous after having supported a project?

Yes, it’s you who chooses to appear as one of the Raisers : you can choose to appear as anonymous, enter a nickname, or your first name and surname.

Can I contribute from all over the world?

Yes, there are no territorial limits.

Can I contribute more than the value of the reward which I have chosen?

Yes, if you wish.

Follow the instructions that you find in the payment section at the time you contribute to the project.

Can I deduct the amount of the reward from my taxes?

No, because it’s a donation in exchange for a reward.

Can I participate in the creative process of a project that is already online?

It’s not possible. Projects are conceived, proposed and eventually implemented by their creators.
You can support them by choosing rewards.

Can I unsubscribe from Musicraiser?

Yes, at any time.

How can I financially contribute to a crowdfunding campaign?

By using PayPal and all credit cards (including prepaid cards).

How can I help spread the news of a project through other sites or social networks?

You can share this page and the contents of the project that you support, on the social network pages to which you are registered, on your blog, and around the web.

How can I interact on Musicraiser?

All registered users can interact with each other on the blog via the comments section.

How can I support a crowdfunding campaign?

Choosing the reward that you consider the most interesting among those available and if you want, you can inform your friends of the project.

How do I contact the creator of a project in order to change my delivery information for a reward?

Send an email to the Creator if he/she has provided an email address.

How will I know the outcome of the crowdfunding campaign that I supported?

Through the email updates that you will receive at the end of the campaign.

I want to get in touch with the Creator to propose a partnership or a contract outside of Musicraiser. Can I do it?

Certainly, Musicraiser has no exclusivity towards those who create a project.

If a project is withdrawn or canceled during the duration of the crowdfunding campaign, what happens?

Musicraiser will return the amount you paid for the reward that you chose, at no additional cost.

If I contributed to a project and afterwards I want to unsubscribe from Musicraiser, is it possible?

Of course. Your contribution is recorded, and won’t be lost. If the campaign proves successful, you’ll receive the reward of your choice, or in the event that the campaign isn’t going to succeed, you’ll be refunded.

If I was wrong to choose a reward, what happens?

You can change your choice if you communicate the error to us immediately. In this case,
we’ll give you back the amount paid so you can choose a new reward.

In addition to the contribution associated with the reward I have chosen, are there any transaction costs?

Raisers don’t pay transaction costs.

Once I have chosen a reward, can I still contribute?

Yes, you can buy all the rewards you want.

What are the credit card brands accepted for payment?

Visa, Visa Electron, Mastercard and American Express.

What happens if a campaign I contributed to is not successful?

Musicraiser will refund the amount you paid at no additional cost to you.
Obviously, you will not receive the reward(s) you chose.

What happens if a campaign is successful?

You’ll receive the rewards you chose as soon as possible at the end of the campaign.

What information should I disclose to Musicraiser when I support a project?

In addition to the information you've already provided at the time of registration, you’ll be asked for a mailing address to which the project creator will send your rewards.

If you chose a customized reward, you may be asked directly from the Creator, some additional data : size, place of delivery, etc.

What must I do to support a crowdfunding campaign?

You must be at least 13 years old, but if you aren’t 18 years old yet, you must have the consent of
at least one of your parents that will provide collateral in the contribution phase of the project.

When I will I receive the reward(s) that I have chosen?

The Creator has an obligation, in the event that the campaign reaches the predetermined figure, to deliver rewards as soon as possible after the end of the campaign.

When will the charge for my contribution take place​​?

Immediately, as soon as you make the payment.

In the event that the collection is not successful, you will be reimbursed at no additional cost.

Who can guarantee that I will receive the rewards I chose?

Musicraiser assumes no responsibility for the delivery of rewards: the creator of the project should deliver them as soon as possible after the end of the campaign.

Who can guarantee that my crowdfunding campaign will be successful?

No one can guarantee that your crowdfunding campaign will be successful, but the chance of a successful campaign is increased if you share it with your friends and contacts.

Who can I ask for information about the project?

The Creator, through email, if it is available.

Who can I contact to report possible abuse or unclear content?

You can send an email to : info@musicraiser.com

Who can see my method of payment data?

No one. Musicraiser doesn’t store any data relating to the methods of payment.

The information is stored in an encrypted form by the payment system.

Will everyone see the amount of my contribution?

You may choose, at the time of contribution, whether to show the amount you supported the project for or not.